3 Sources of Change: Combine Them for Real Results

If you can’t get yourself to show up and create the results you want to see, then it doesn’t matter how many strategies you learn, how many podcasts you listen to, or how many books you read.

At the end of the day, your ability to create change comes down to your ability to get motivated and take action.

According to Zig Ziglar, a world-famous motivational speaker and trainer (and businessman), change is the result of one of three sources: incentive, pain, and/or the desire for personal growth.

At HeartCore Business™, we believe that when you combine all three sources of change in your daily life, you’re able to move your vision toward reality quickly.

Change as the Result of Incentive

Incentive growth is change you make for the sake of earning something. For example, if you wanted to lose weight, but you were struggling to actually take the actions necessary to do so, you may enter a weight loss challenge where you win a prize for losing weight.

Change as the Result of Pain

Pain growth is typically the result of an external force or circumstance. HeartCore Business™ Queen Visionary Shanda Sumpter recently shared an example of one way she uses pain growth in order to motivate herself to create change: she wanted to grow a certain event from one year to the next. So when it came time to plan the next year’s (bigger) event, she found a bigger space and put the (bigger) deposit on a credit card—so that if she didn’t do what was necessary to enroll more people in the event, she’d be in a lot of financial pain.

Another example she shared: When she has a big goal or vision, she shares it from the stage, or on her Facebook groups—so that if she doesn’t make it reality, she’ll look bad (and she hates looking bad).

Change as the Result of a Desire for Personal Growth

When you’re motivated by personal growth, you’re more likely to self-motivate. If you have a growth mindset, you want to be better. You’re simply driven to create the results you want, for you.

Mind-Mapping: The Power of Bringing Together All Three Types of Growth

There is a power in tying all these growth elements together, and creating a mind map is one way to do that. Shanda recommends using a mind map to dial in on your big vision as well as all the actions you must take in order to make your big vision reality.

If you’re here, chances are you want to start your own business—and build it into a wildly successful one that reaches lots of people and generates the type of freedom you want (and deserve).

So if you were to create a mind map around that, you’d put “Wildly-Successful Business” in the middle of your piece of paper, with a circle around it. Then, as if it was the octopus body, you’d draw lines out from that circle, like tentacles. At the end of each line, you’d make a new circle with an action step inside—an action step that will help you make that big vision (“Wildly-Successful Business”) reality.

If you follow Shanda’s advice, the first action step would be “Build an email list.” Of course, you’ll have other action steps necessary to build your email list, and you can write those down on your mind map, too.

Then, each day, look at which actions you can take to move the big dials on your mind map—to accomplish the action steps that will lead to your big vision being reality.

In conclusion …

When you can find the right motivation, you can create massive change, and fast. The key is to find what motivates you and then take action every day to create the results you’re striving for.

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P.S. We’d love to hear from you: What action can you take TODAY to move forward toward your vision?

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