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  1. Marcia Harp

    Thanks for appearing..”Just In Time”!

  2. Jane Brewin

    Hi, from Melbourne, Australia. I am not sure what I am doing I love to write Spiritual Comedy imparting what I have learned in a ridiculous way…lol! I also love to inspire people.

    I work in an Acute Mental Health unit as a mental health nurse and see mental health issues along with drug addiction. Comedy with compassion helps lighten things up and spread some joy in what can be a very intense and heavy area to work. I have struggled with money for many years and have often had to borrow money to pay rent, whilst raising and providing for my two boys, mainly on my own whilst bringing in a very modest income…ahhh!

    I really wish to earn money with a web site possibly through comedy writing with inspiring tales, whilst possibly selling related products ie. meditation CD’s and possibly alternative health products such as aromatherapy oils, for e.g. Just a thought maybe I will get more ideas off you!? Gotta love that girlfriend!!!

    If I made lots of money I would still go to my job, possibly a little less or maybe volunteer and run groups as I love helping our most marginalised members of the community, assisting them to realise they all have greatness no matter what they currently believe, or told otherwise.

    But imagine with lots of money the people and possible innovative programs one could help establish to assist those that are often forgotten and sometimes despised by more ignorant people with less understanding. Rant, rant, blah, blah……you get my drift?!

    Anyhow so far I have read your e -book and thought you were great. So I hope you can truly help me and I can really finally have a break after too many years of struggle and stress. Bless your sunny, inspiring, positivity. Oh and wouldn’t I just love to help others if I finally became financially independent and could assist others to get up and really shine and be independent and empowered yipeeeeeee! :):):)

    Warmest regards to you and many thanks in anticipation…..oh and mmmwahh and a hug to you or the person receiving this….Jane.

    1. Sue

      Hello Jane, I just read your post to Heart Core Women, and wanted to encourage you and say thank you for sharing your thoughts and your life. I’m in Melbourne too, so I just thought it would be nice to be in touch.
      All the best, from Sue Stergo.
      P.S. I love comedy!

  3. Michelle Sillman

    Wanted to joint the Karma Exchange by sharing my copy-editing skills:
    On your webpage, in the “You’ll Discover…” section, you have a typo.
    “Stop Doing The Things Your Not Good At”
    should read
    “Stop Doing The Things You’re Not Good At”
    I would also suggest changing “with” to “from” in the phrase right above the “You’ll Discover…” section so it reads “7 quick and easy steps that you can gain instant results from now!”
    Thanks for your enthusiastic message!

    1. Shanda

      You’re the best. Thank you Michelle.

  4. Shanda

    Hi Yvonne, You’ll have to shift your focus and open up to winning. I know that it’s frustrating building your business and it does take an investment. Personally, over the years I’ve invested over $100k in my business. That being said I’ve made more then that because of application. Enjoy the 7 day program and know that it’s the real deal. Best wishes to you and DON’T GIVE UP – Shanda

  5. brooke

    Shanda is the nicest and most gracious lady! thank you for this e-course!

  6. Giselle

    Have your quote on my desk. “Just never give up! Ask God to expand and take a stand to help women now any way you can and things will expand. Be do have!” ~ Shanda Sumpter
    p.s. Seven-day program is a great opportunity to share with as many people as possible. I plan to!

    1. Shanda

      Fantastic Giselle!! Shanda

  7. Leatrice

    Thank you, Sanda. You rock!! Very timely advice…

  8. Lisa

    Thank you, Shanda. This is so timely for me.

    1. Shanda

      You are welcome Lisa. Feel free to introduce this site to the women in your life. It’s time for a real change.

  9. Teresa


    I have referred HeartCore Women, and earlier feminine shift calls to at least a dozen women, and will continue to speak of and recommend your skills.

    Thank you so much for all that you share,


  10. MaryAine Curtis

    I enjoyed your call today. You sound like a memeber of the tribe.
    To success and wonderment.


  11. Suzanne Dudley-Schon

    Hi Shanda,

    I love your idea of paying it forward, and I promise to do so, but I want to be thoughtful about it, so I will forward your info once I have had a chance to watch your video. The wonderful comments have me enthusiastic about who you are and how you deliver your message.

    That said, I have 5 kids, 4 dogs, and a fledgling business, and it may take me a while to get to your video. Looking forward to it though!

    Best to you,

    1. Shanda

      Suzanne – we have a client who has 5 kids, a cat and a dog and she is running a profitable business doing what she loves. I say that to you with love because your family is a reason WHY you want to play bigger. With love – Shanda

  12. Deborah Emerson Masters

    Dear Shanda:
    I went to a very exciting Toastmasters Meeting this week end. The new President of Toastmasters International came in to speak. His name is Mr. Navarro and he is from California. I am so excited that he has such exciting news for the United States
    and also that he has friends all over the world. I thank him. I thank you for your inspiration. Thank you.
    Deborah Emerson Masters

  13. Pandora Keith

    I just signed up for this information and have already forwarded it to a lady in Nebraska. Over time I will most likely be sending it to several more people given the lack of employment in the areas I am in contact with people. I know several recently single mothers (and a few fathers) who would love the opportunity to add a bit of income to their households, they too will be receiving the link to the sign up page in the coming days.

    1. Shanda

      Thank you Pandora. It’s my pleasure to help. Shanda

  14. Shanda

    That’s what I’m here for! AND you better have high hopes and a PLAN! 🙂

  15. Kristine

    Just listened to you on Darius Messenger Revolution. Just the perfect information for at the perfect time as I create my new business. I’m sooo happy to connect with you. Thank you for being there and shining your light, so I may shine mine and help my tribe shine theirs.

    1. Shanda

      You are so welcome Kristine. Nice to meet you!

  16. Linda

    I just want you to know I just heard your inspirational speech on Ripple of Change, you were great! I’m just beginning my coaching business, speaking, and I’m a first time co-author in 2 upcoming books in Nov. & Dec. 2012. Your speech was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Shanda, for being your authentic self and for encouraging others to be also. My business is called, “Live Heart Inspired”. Many Blessings~

    1. Shanda

      Linda I have not heard of it – however it sounds great!

  17. Vicki Skinner

    THANX & I REALLY want to “Share” this – but I’m not finding any more details on the 7 Day Free Gift – just a link back for me to promote it. What am I missing??? Once I have the details/confirmation on the 7 Day Free Gift, I’ll be happy to share away!!! THANX!!!

  18. Alexandra

    you are a great closer!
    Enjoyed talking to you about how to generate money via my 2 small co.’s. it is 1:08am Abu Dhabi time…

  19. Ber-Henda

    Thank you so much for putting this information together. I just launched my company to the public, B-Connected Marketing and Publishing. We are creative branding for branding the creatives!

  20. Robbi Fish-Lake

    Dear Shanda,
    I look forward to sharing this information with all my friends once I’ve personally experienced the 7 day course. I feel what I share will be much more accurate and effective once I can offer better details. This offer was perfectly timed and I’m looking forward to it! Thank you…

  21. Cyndi Campbell

    I’ll be happy to share about it, after I get to see what it’s all about, so I can speak from experience & know what I’m sharing.

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