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Is Limitless Potential possible? Or Just Hype

If you want to build your business, grow your sales to the TOP of your industry, and find a way to create a movement instead of a job, then this blog post will show you how to do exactly that.

Growing your business is more than building revenue for yourself. It’s about who you SERVE and how to become on fire about what you do to level up so you feel PULLED forward each and every day to show up for your tribe!

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It’s not about sacrificing family time or freedom.

Listen . . .

We all strive to do amazing things—goals, dreams, and passions that stretch us.

However, I’ve found that it takes a PLAN to go from “I should/I could/Maybe I will…”

to actually living past your limits.

This Crucial Truth Is What Holds Certain Companies Back from Exploding Their Customers, Sales, and Profits.

That’s why if you want to build your business NOW . . . and stop selling “one thing at a time,” I think your company needs to install this plan into your day-to-day routine.

This will allow you to reach your full potential. And then fly soar past it!

This is so inspiring, I had to share. Hope you don’t mind?

One of my good friends sent me a story about a guy named Milton Hershey. He’s the same one who created the Hershey chocolate bar. Anyway, he took his money and opened this amazing school with his wife.

It was called the Milton Hershey School.

“For more than 100 years, the Milton Hershey School has helped children to realize their full potential. They offer a top-notch education to students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

“Hershey School is a cost-free, private, coeducational school in Hershey, PA. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and hundreds of extracurricular activities.

“Milton and Catherine Hershey established the school in 1909 to provide a positive, structured home life year-round to help children gain the skills to be successful in all aspects of life.

“Today, more than 2,000 students from across the U.S. attend the Milton Hershey School. They have access to unique award-winning programs, experienced teachers, and caring adult mentors.”

So cool, right? I mean, this inspires me to be a better businesswoman!

They take low-income kids who are amazing and give them the tools and resources to get a fair shake.

And to go past their limits.

  • The school takes people from “down and out” situations.
  • The vision shows orphans from broken homes the NEW way forward.
  • The concept is one of passion, success, and grace.
  • The idea has limitless promise and potential.

We could all use that daily, right?

The second reason I am fired up?

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I have a private dream. Can I share it with you?

It’s not to make a thousand millionaires, even though we’re creating HUGE wins for our clients in our Pace Private program. I have a dream to donate 7 figures. I want to share with organizations that serve these communities in California.

Here’s my way for doing it:

In building my empire, growing a company the RIGHT way, I found my calling was crucial to success.

I have a calling to help the less fortunate.

Not because “I’ve been given so much.” Honestly, I am called and compelled to do this. I want to be a person of action . . . not just of “I wish I did this or did that.”

And that brings me to the crucial truth of this blog:

Hook Into a Bigger Purpose.

Not only will that drive your company’s growth . . . but this business-boosting shortcut explodes your sales volume.

I am able to hook into BIGGER. Otherwise, I just get lazy and complacent. I want to hook into a higher level of SERVICE, SACRIFICE, and LOVE. 🙂 How about you? If you feel intimidated—that’s 100% normal.

I feel scared just WRITING this to you.

But this turnaround is key if you want to build your business.

But we must ask ourselves: If we weren’t scared, how much bigger could we play? And that’s the question I’m asking myself. And every time I’ve felt off purpose, every time I felt like I needed to go after a goal . . . I have to remember, the declaration starts with me and ends with me.

So I’m going to empower you. I challenge
you to allow the dream in you to come forth!

Next, I want to empower you to start to think: “Who does that affect?”

And not only who does that affect, but who requires me to hit this goal in my life?

Right now I have a goal of bringing on a thousand people this year into our PACE Private program because I want to make sure that there are enough leaders who are empowered financially—and that they know how to make money.

Seems simple, but it’s HARD.

I’m terrified at times 🙁

And that’s why it FIRES me up!

I want people to see the difference in who really is affected when you focus a little bit further than your initial goal:

  1. When you actually reach the goal you’re feeling the call to create . . . what happens to your life and others around you?
  1. What’s the COST if you don’t go after that goal? I want you to let that question SINK IN.

  2. If you keep expanding your vision, you can’t be overwhelmed and exhausted. You can’t because that’s a me-focused experience. What happens when you focus on yourself is that you get lazy, overwhelmed, frustrated, and impatient.

That’s not embracing the blessing of contribution. And you can’t grow an empire

if it’s all about YOU . . .

It’s time to stop misbehaving in your business!

You can’t enjoy feelings such as being overwhelmed, impatience, frustration. They’re all in the context of I, me, mine. And you’ve got to have really strong willpower to beat that game. That’s why I’m encouraging you to get a breakthrough to the blessing of contribution.

Instead of using willpower because it’s so inconsistent, focus out!

Here’s what I mean: Sometimes you might get a bad night’s sleep and are tempted to blow off the rest of the day or you’ll afraid you’ll end up grumpy at someone you love.

Unless you have found that money is easy to make. Unless you have projects that are easy to get done.

And if money isn’t easy for you to make, then you haven’t found the biggest reason why you’re doing what you’re doing yet because things should be challenging yet still super successful!

And that’s OK.
But I want to push you to think BIGGER
than just yourself.

Want to know a SIMPLE way to not get overwhelmed and take the first step toward success? I remind myself to do this all the time with a simple coffee or tea mug with a REMINDER on it. So my mug is purposeful—not just for decoration. But they do look awesome!

My coffee mug says this: Focus on the step you’re in.

Pretty simple, right? Some people think I’m a little strange to get a mood boost from my coffee mug. That’s fine for them, but this is what works FOR ME.

This message of focusing on the step I’m in also works for a lot of other people I show this to. This is also a way that I manage my mind so I’m not thinking about the future. I’m thinking about the exact moment that I’m in as I’m working to pull myself forward.

Here’s What to Do Next

So if you want to grow your business, and not only get better at sales but have DAILY sales come through your sales funnel, here’s what to do next: Come have coffee with me on Facebook any Monday through Friday throughout the first three weeks of the month. I take off the last week of the month to dedicate it to my family and friends as a flex week.

If you think people need to hear this message, please share it with people that you love, people that you think will do something valuable with it.

…………..And as always, comment below and tell me what you appreciate with this blog post now. Thank you!

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