Instagram Made Easy: 6 Easy Steps on How to Build a List of Buyers in 5 Minutes A Day!

It’s TRUE . . . Instagram is a powerhouse for selling and connecting, and it’s FUN!

Actually addicting . . .

Here’s what I like:
It’s easy even if you aren’t a tech person.

It’s quick if you simplify the steps like I have below.

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OK, so let’s get into the steps that I took
to build a list of buyers, and convert $14,000 in a few months without selling, with only 5 minutes a day of effort!

#1 Give people a reason to TRUST you.

There are all these BAD sellers on Instagram.
They jump on your feed and try and pitch to you.
(Don’t be one of those people.)

Every time I see them, I can’t help but feel

Remember to NOT sell something to someone
until you know what they want and what their problems are
so you can solve them

#2 Know what to post.

Don’t post 500 pictures of your kids.
I know they are cute, but no one cares. It
says nothing about your business, and it doesn’t help people
have a better life~

Think—client testimonials, client Facebook comments,
and INSPIRATIONAL quotes always work well for attracting
more followers and people who want to hire you.

#3 Write a GREAT bio that tells what you do, and provide a link to a
free gift or your website.

(You can look at mine if you want . . .be sure to FOLLOW me while you are there )

#4 The way people follow you is with hash tags.

Here’s how you use hash tags, because tons of people aren’t using them correctly.

Watch someone in your same field with a HUGE following use hash tags.

Leaders who have 14k or more followers know what they are doing.
I know, I’m not there yet, but give me time . . . I just started 🙂

Also, there is a free app called Instatag that ROCKS for pulling
tags and copying them to promote your posts.

Make sure you post your Instagram picture first,
then go open Instatag and copy the tags over to your fresh post!

#5 LIKE popular people’s posts

A great strategy is to LIKE 5 or more photos of popular accounts’ pictures. Leave a few comments, and choose people you really like. Follow them so you see their threads in your feed.

Be authentic with who you follow, but every day LIKE 5 or more of their pictures~

You’ll see how you’ll start to build some virtual friendships. When they turn around and comment or like your photo, you’ll see a jump in your followers.

#6 LAST TIP for you today!

Download the app REPOST, and repost popular influencers’ posts.
This will grow you fast.

My strategy is to repost three influencers a day
and to post two or three of my own posts a day.

My hope is that this will help you make more money
and have more fun!

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Happy Business Ventures~

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