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Monday, September 7th @ 12PM PST

Here’s How To Grow And Monetize
The Kind of Business You’ve Always Wanted!

I’ll show you the exact steps and hold you accountable to succeed over the next 5 days

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(Warning: This has the potential of transforming your business and personal freedom!)


P.S. We're giving away thousands of dollars to incentive entrepreneurs to invest in their education!

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Monday, September 7th @ 12pm PST

Here's How To Build or Grow the Business You've Always Wanted!

P.S. We're giving away thousands of dollars to incentivize entrepreneurs to invest in their education!

(Warning: This training has the potential of transforming your business and personal freedom!)

We’ve BOTH built 7 & 8 figure businesses in record time… 

How would it change your life to know exactly how we did it?

(Warning: This training has the potential of transforming your business and personal freedom!)

We’ll show you EXACTLY How We Built 7 & 8 Figure Businesses in Record Time.



Let us be your Accountability Coaches
like we have been for so many others...

“I was deeply skeptical coming into HeartCore. Outwardly, my life looked great but I struggled for control and worried constantly about money. Could this really work? OMIGOD YES. Within six months of enrolling with Shanda I doubled my 5-figure investment in a business that didn’t exist before I started; in year two that business broke $250K with a suite of programs that leveraged my time and lit up my life; and this year I’m on track to double the whole thing…”


“I hit a $1.5 million dollar bonus and added 800 people to my downline within 4 months! Enrolling people to join our team has been amazing but most importantly truly seeing the vision of who they get to become along the way has been a life-changer … Having Shanda’s strategies has been our best-kept secret!”


“I had worked for someone else for 20 years and had a vision of being self-employed… Shanda taught me how to build a buyers list, how to enroll people into my programs, and most importantly how to push through my own limiting beliefs and keep moving forward. I have created multiple 6 figures in my business in a short time and now have systems and a team in place to hit my 7-figure goal in 2021.”


“Over the course of 3 webinars to my small email list of barely 1200 people I advanced to the top 1.6 percent rank of a network marketing company without knowing anything except I loved the product…”


I’ve made $35k since the beginning of April working about 4 hrs a week on average. That’s a 96% profit margin!


I sold out my program and have a plan and the right team to breakthrough 2 million by the end of this year! I am so grateful for Shanda and how she has coached me to millions!!”


We’re giving you $1949 Value for FREE!


Monday, September 7th @ 12pm PST

Pedro “The Challenge Guy” Adao

8 figure entrepreneur Founder of the 100X Academy,
The #1 Training Program and Community For Kingdom Entrepreneurs
Creator of Crush it with Challenges, the go to Industry expert on challenges

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Shanda Sumpter is a bestselling author and Founder/CEO of
Heartcore Business.

Shanda’s programs empower entrepreneurs with the business systems, mindset leadership, and support they need to use their gifts to create powerful, world-changing sustainable businesses. Shanda has built several multi-million-dollar companies and supports other entrepreneurs in building businesses, sharing their message and going from start-ups to six and seven figures while creating and promoting a lifestyle of freedom.

Disclaimer: Sales figures and results listed above in our marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of experience, experimenting and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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