Marketing is Easy: Take the Mystery Out of Marketing Online


Marketing Is Easy!

Take the Mystery Out Of Marketing Your Business Online!


Here is some inspiration for you today!  Marketing is EASY when you stop trying to get it perfect and you start by building a business of loyal clients.

I see two huge problems in the feminine economy in terms of building profitable enterprises. 

#1  Building a loyal and engaged client base FIRST.

Your first step in growing a business is not to create a product and then go find customers or clients.  It’s about building your own economy, as Bob Proctor talks about in the popular movie The Secret

The way you create your own economy is that you build a client list first. Then you find out what those clients want most and you give it to them.

 I remember when I was in real estate.  To sell a lot of properties you must ask your clients what they want most.  Then you go find the property that fits their needs.  Too many entrepreneurs are doing it backward and, as a result, they are struggling in today’s market.

#2 Many entrepreneurs are confused on what products and services to invest in to get the help they know that they need.

No one wants to waste money.  However, so many women in business are jaded with past investment mistakes.  Let me make a difference for you if this is you…  WE ALL make mistakes, and that’s how we grow and become EXPERTS in our field—so don’t stop investing.

Nothing can replace a business mentor.

The problem is business owners are investing in an information product or tactic to build their businesses.  Social media, blogging, sales conversions, and client attraction all work together to manifest a big win.  It can feel like you are piecing together your business if you don’t get a proper strategy to pull it all together.

I also see women not investing, trying to take one small segment of information and attempting to build a business.  Here’s the challenge with that.  You end up leaving money on the table and burning up a bunch of time.  As you know, time can be very costly for people. 

Imagine if you would have invested last year in a good mentor. Where could you be today? 

Money is never a block to building your business.  It’s a great barrier to entry, and often it provides a challenge that you are going to have to deal with if you want something to change. 

As your business grows, so will your investment costs.  It doesn’t get easier; you just get better at managing your head space.  In other words, successful people understand that in order to surpass a ceiling in their business, they need help.

Steven Pressfield, in his book The War of Art, wrote a chapter on how successful people don’t hesitate to ask for help.  I echo that statement.  People who are trying to do it on their own are stuck in a roller coaster we often refer to as the rat race!

It’s going to take a decision on your part to build your business into a space that gives you recurring income every month.  

I’ll be honest.  You’ll have to quit giving your power over to all the reasons why you can’t start building your plan today. 

It’s not about:

  Your kids

  Your hormones


  or Lack of money 

It’s about your dream, your life, and your self-worth to go get the life you want.

It’s time to get out of your own way, and I bet you already know that.  There is help all around you.  I could name at least five mentors that I know who could build your business over the course of a year.   But you have to want it bad enough to go for it, no matter what.  It takes courage to go for it.   But the steps to do it are available to everyone.

Here’s my question for you.  If you are still reading, you are definitely a motivated entrepreneur who wants this.  You may need some inspiration (like we all do from time to time) and some strategy and training, but that’s all accessible.  We have programs like the Inner Circle that are a great first step to get you going.


What I really want to know is what do you want more than anything in the world that your business can provide for you?  Post your comment below. 



Much Love & Freedom,


Shanda Sumpter
Queen Visionary & Business Coach




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