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Rex Crain will train you in the skills you need to transfer power to your audience so a movement erupts.

Rex makes it real and achievable.

Apply today so that you can command your audience and erupt the movement that your business needs.

Rex Crain with Katrina and Kira Crain

Rex Crain

Speaker | Author | Life Coach

An acclaimed speaker, author, and catalyst for change to Fortune Five Hundred companies, professional athletes, entertainers and people from all walks of life.

As a young man, Rex walked away from a baseball career with the Boston Red Sox to pursue his passion to help people. Rex has devoted the last 18 years of his life to helping people discover and develop their own unique qualities of greatness. His gift to inspire has taken him around the world to bring strategies and insights to elevate human achievement and performance.

Rex’s passion is to make the world a better place to live by assisting individuals to live their best life. Throughout the years he has unselfishly given his energy and resources to those in need. Rex is considered one of the nations top leaders in peak performance coaching.

Rex, his wife Katrina and daughter Kira live in Los Angeles, California

You Will Give Your Audience Real Results

Transfer Real Power To Your Audience With Words That Inspire & Command

For 18 years Rex Crain has been a voice to leaders around the world. 

His gifts inspire and ignite the purposes, passions and power people have inside of them. Rex has trained hundreds of people to find the power in their authentic voice and to erupt movements around the world.

Rex Crain

What You'll Learn From This Program

Learn How To Command Your Audience
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Learn How Your Power Can Transform Your Audience
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Learn How To Transfer Power To Your Audience
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Learn How To Stop Marketing and Create A Movement
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Learn How To Forget About Your Nerves and Focus On Making An Impact
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Learn The Skills Needed So You Can Get Paid For Keynote Speaking
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  • Discover the communication techniques that work so you know how to speak authentically, with persuasion and with power
  • Learn how to be so good that you never think about your talk anymore—you’ll be so focused on making an impact that you forget about your nerves and feelings of incompetence


  • Gain exclusive access to Rex’s own powerful and proven speaking techniques and formulas designed to transfer power to your audience so that a movement erupts
  • Rex guides you each step along the way as you create your own presentations focusing on what you’re creating in your own business


  • It took Rex 18 years to develop his powerful and proven speaking techniques and formulas—in the 6 months of this program, you’ll get to access to, pick at and learn from his 18 years of rich knowledge and extensive skill
  • By the end of this program, you’ll be able to command your audience and get real results focusing on what it is you’re creating for your own business 

This Program Is For You If...

You’re an entrepreneur determined to create a movement based on what it is you’re creating but don’t have the speaking experience to do that right now

  You’re an entrepreneur who wants to improve your speaking skills so that you can command your audience and make a life-changing impact in their lives

  You love what you’re creating in your business and believe you can show up more to the people who need you to inspire and motivate them along their journey through your words and communication

  You’re an entrepreneur and want to improve the way you speak to your audiences

  You’re an entrepreneur and have a desire to be paid as a keynote speaker in the area you’re passionate about

  You’re an entrepreneur and dream of being recognised as a leader in your passion area

Apply To Join Today

Rex Crain is one of the most talented and motivating speakers in the world. This program is for you if you will absolutely 120% commit to what Rex teaches you and will absolutely 120% apply what you learn. 

Rex’s time is needed by so many of us that we won’t encourage you to apply if you’re not committed to making the lives of the people you serve a better place.

Please don’t apply if:

❌ You’re not prepared to try your 120% absolute hardest to be open-minded and try new approaches

❌ You’re not committed to showing up and taking action, to putting your heart and soul into this training

❌ You’re not prepared to get out of your own way—the only person who will stop you from achieving real results is you

Apply Today To Learn How To

✔ Command your audience without feeling nervous or incompetent

 Transfer power to your audience so that they get real results with what it is you’re creating for them

 Erupt a movement by enabling the power that you transfer to your audience to come alive in their hearts, minds and souls, and in their lives.

If you want to command Your Stage Then this is it!

This Once In a Lifetime Opportunity is Available For You To Apply For Today. 

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