Shanda On Demand: Emotions in Business and the Art of Decision-Making

Navigating the stormy waters of business isn’t solely about strategy and skills—it’s profoundly influenced by our emotions. Dive into the intricate role of emotions in business, sales, and personal relationships, and discover why making decisions rooted in emotional intelligence can shape your journey to success.

Watch the video below for more detailed insights and actionable advice.

In this compelling session, our speaker sheds light on the inextricable link between emotions and achieving success. The focus isn’t just on acknowledging these emotions, but also on managing them effectively to fuel decision-making and foster growth.


The discussion pivots around the idea that emotions, often overlooked in the realm of business, are pivotal drivers in our decision-making processes. While some might struggle with emotional blocks, letting monetary factors divert their goals, others need a hand—a coach, perhaps—to guide them through the maze of their own emotional landscapes.

Life transformations are feasible, as evidenced by the speaker’s personal evolution after engaging with Chanda’s content. Yet, the battle with emotional commitment persists. This battle underscores the necessity of consistent guidance and unwavering support.

Understanding your customers goes beyond knowing their wants. It delves into deciphering their emotions, which often guide their decisions. In the world of sales, for instance, our speaker delineates the characteristics of different personalities—the analyzers, promoters, controllers, and supporters—and how their emotional triggers influence sales conversations.

Furthermore, the speaker touches upon the essence of personal growth, laying emphasis on the role of emotional motivation in areas like health and wellness. Drawing parallels with personal experiences, the message is clear—understanding your emotions can act as the compass guiding you through the turbid waters of sales and business.

Conversations about emotions might be intricate, but their significance in closing deals—whether in business or personal relationships—cannot be overstated. The speaker’s personal anecdote about maintaining a harmonious relationship with their mother for 13 years by mastering the art of ‘closing’ is both touching and instructive.


For those aspiring to scale the heights of their professional journeys and personal lives, it’s not about ignoring emotions—it’s about understanding, managing, and leveraging them.

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