Shanda On Demand: Unleash Your Voice and Set Standards for Unbeatable Success

What if the power to revolutionize your life resided in your voice and your ability to set rigorous standards? This episode of Shanda On Demand dives into both, offering valuable insights that go beyond traditional self-help advice.

Watch the video below for more detailed insights and actionable advice.


The Voice that Ignites Change

Inspired by the audacity of Jesse Lee Ward, this episode encourages you to use your voice as a catalyst for change. How comfortable are you in making your voice heard? On a scale from 1-10, many find it challenging to go beyond a five. It’s time to shed the fear and speak up; your voice is your tool for carving out your unique path.

Goals that Matter

Wandering aimlessly is a recipe for mediocrity. Set targets for your day, your week, and your month. As someone who coaches a network marketing team, I can tell you that detailed plans are your ladder to greatness. It’s not just about following up on business leads; it’s about understanding that time, urgency, and heartfelt connections are entwined elements of success.

Standards: The Pillars of Personal Growth

Setting clear goals is essential, but so is raising your standards. When I decided to invest in myself, I met my life partner at the age of 38. The power of setting standards, therefore, transcends beyond the professional and impacts personal spheres of life. Make sure you’re not setting your goals too small; challenge yourself to dream bigger.

The Multiplicity of Standards

Being a great parent, a successful businessperson, or an exemplary spouse doesn’t happen by chance. High standards in one life area often resonate in other areas. My standards include simple yet impactful elements like starting each day without hitting the snooze button. Revisit your standards; are they aligned with the life you envision?

Commanding Your Life with Intention

Too often, we let others chart our life’s course. The episode urges you to identify your most significant life complaint and rectify it by setting a standard. Write it down, make it specific, and ensure it aligns with your unique vision for yourself.

No Validation Needed

This episode concludes by urging you to stop seeking external validation. Louise Hay, who started a publishing house at age 65, is a testament to how raising standards at any stage of life can lead to astonishing achievements.


Your voice and your standards are critical ingredients for success—whether personal or professional. This episode is an invitation to reconsider both and take proactive steps towards a future where you’re not just surviving, but thriving.

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