Tune Out with Netflix – How Entrepreneurs Rest Their Brains

Have you ever had a hard time turning off your brain?

It’s a curse and a blessing that you think so much. Entrepreneurs have to find ways to rest their brains to stay sharp. One way I do that is to tune out with a good Netflix series.

It’s my time to cuddle up on the couch with my man Ash and watch a good series. We often joke about the other one not going ahead in the series. It’s like we are cheating each other if the other one jumps ahead.

If you are looking for some more family time, create a mini-tradition in your house.

For us, I prepare the groceries, and Ash cooks when he gets home.

We get ready just in time to watch a good Netflix show and have a yummy vegan meal. (At least recently our dinners have been vegan, as I am trying to get pregnant again and am eating very clean.)

So here’s the dilemma: when you finish a good series, you’ll wonder what to watch next. Here’s where we can work together as a community dedicated to taking a break.

What is your FAVORITE Netflix series?

Post your suggestions below!

And thank you for being so generous with your suggestions.

I’ll be coming back to this blog over and over again.

Also, will you share this post or post it to Facebook?

We all get to win!


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