Want to Create a Movement? Here’s Your First Step

Creating a coaching business is all about developing a movement. More specifically a movement that is unique to you. The secret to success is sharing your unique gifts with the people who need them, and making a massive, positive impact on this world.

For many people who have the goal of starting a coaching business, it can be tough to decide exactly where to begin. Don’t worry: This is a common problem! You know you have something big to share, but you don’t know how to get from where you are now to the place where you’re singing your gifts from the rooftops.

Here are Team HeartCore’s top tips for choosing the direction of your coaching business.

The first step is knowing what you stand for.

Sounds pretty simple, right?  It is simple, but it’s also important to dial in on your unique stand … because if you try to copy something you’ve learned, whether you plan to replicate it or change it slightly, you’ll burn out.

Furthermore, your potential clients won’t be attracted to you because you’re not standing for your own message. Therefore, the path to your purpose will be filled with trials and challenges.

That being said, think about the answer to these questions:

What has life taught you that you’ve really mastered?

What has happened in your life that’s given you a new set of skills to overcome a specific challenge?

When you create a movement that is inspired by your past, money comes so easy … and you make the difference about which you’re so passionate.

Here’s a challenge: Take a picture or make a video about what you (and uniquely you!) stand for. Extra credit for sharing this in the comment section below!

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