The Zen of Business: How to Never Miss Your Goal Again

The Zen of Business: How to Never Miss Your Goal Again





Let me show you the zen of business and how it’s possible to never miss your goal again.


You say that you are committed to your goal, but how committed are you REALLY?


I’m not saying that to discourage you in any way, but the New Year's hype is always strong the first three weeks of the year.  People get inspired about what’s possible, but many miss a fundamental piece in ensuring success – that’s planning.


If fitness has ever been your goal, then you have probably noticed that the gym is packed at the beginning of the year. By February, things start to die off.  The same trend is often true for business goals.  


People get all fired up to make a change, then lose momentum because they don’t set themselves up to win.


To make money and build a sustainable business, you’ll want to put the zen back in your business.  You will want to decide on what your niche is and serve into it with all you got.  Most of all, you will want to give yourself credit for what you HAVE DONE along the way.


That’s a BIG mistake that I see women do to themselves when they start a business. Ladies, love yourselves up AS you work your way through your journey.


Just because you see someone make a million dollars in 11 months, don’t think for one moment that they haven’t been working on themselves and their mission for many years.


Overnight success IS a temptation you need to let go of!


The first time you host a tele-summit, don’t expect to make millions. Just do it and master the art of the conference. You will get better, retain more knowledge, and find yourself firing on all cylinders once you learn the ropes.  


There is a reason why we start in grade 1 and move up through to a masters degree.  Each step counts and when you skip over the training too fast, you miss important details that create BIG WINS.


Success stories are here to motivate you and open up your mind to what is possible.  Do not COMPARE yourself to people who are paving the way before you. Honor them and be thankful that there is a role model for what you are about to do.


Success leaves clues!


Follow your INNER GUIDANCE and never give up on being an enlightened entrepreneur. It takes courage to stay the path.  We all have days when we want to give up.  However, if you are on your path, you WON’T give up this time.  That’s your clue!


Take care of your body, so that you can live long.  Impacting the world is a very addicting and fun way to spend your life.  Once you take care of YOU physically and emotionally, you will be ready to energize the world with your brilliance.


The key to creating a zen business is to not get caught up in the HOW part of building your business, it's to STAY committed.   I’m on a mission to prove to you that if you do, that you will see success greet you shortly.  Knowledge moves fast these days, so spreading your message isn’t the hard part.  Getting you to believe in yourself is the most important step.  From that place, you will do what it takes to inspire change.



Goal Setting That Never Fails!


  • Choose a goal that aligns with you, not to just make money!


Even if growing your money IS your goal, ask yourself WHY.  What is it that money going to give you?  Then set your sights on that tangible thing or event.



  • Be sure your goal is positive.


We move as far away from pain as possible, so if your goal is associated with pain like paying off a debt, then you might not have the strength to reach it.  Be sure and spin your goal so that it feel REALLY GOOD TO YOU!



  • Take time to spend with your thoughts around your goal.  

This comes down to your commitment.  If you want something to grow in your life, you are going to have to give something in return.  Time is a major currency.  People who understand universal flow get this intimately.  



  • Know that your goal is already here. Accept that your belief system is blocking you from seeing the open door to receive it.  To overcome this block, start telling yourself that it’s here already… because it is!  



I know this can feel inauthentic, but you are going to just have to have FAITH until you believe me.  Your mind is blocking what it can’t conceive, so gently play along with this and miracles will appear in your life.  I love "A Course In Miracles" for teaching us how to release the ego!


Here is an example:  If your goal is to have 3 more new clients, start to walk around your house saying out loud, "Here are my clients, my clients are there!  Oh I see my clients now…" 


Allow yourself to have FUN with this process, because it’ll raise your vibration just enough to have you see what you are looking for.


BINGO!  Life as you know it will never be the same!



Much Love,


Shanda Sumpter

Queen Visionary 


P.S.  The kicker is some of you will put this into action and have MAJOR shifts in your life and others will give up before they start.  Who are you going to be?


Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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