Battling Through Your Biggest Entrepreneurial Challenges: What to Do Now

Entrepreneurship is a journey full of challenges and opportunities. In a recent conversation, Shanda Sumpter, the CEO of HeartCore Business LLC, discussed the entrepreneurial challenges we face and how to overcome them. She believes it’s essential to rise above challenges and go all-in to turn up the volume of your ability to take action.


As we approach the mid-year mark of the year, we must reflect on the legacy we’ve created so far. Are we happy with our progress, or is there a next level to reach? There could be a book we want to write, a relationship that needs to be tuned up, or raising our standards in our money. Regardless of the challenge, having a touch of heaven over our lives and rising above the situation is essential.

Shanda shares a real story about a pivot inside her company, where they went from making a lot of money to losing six million dollars. However, instead of giving up, they spotted opportunities, executed them, and turned the situation around. This highlights the importance of spotting opportunities, taking risks, and managing them, even if they don’t work out as planned.

To help overcome entrepreneurial challenges, Shanda is ran a two-week pro bono Rise Up Business Challenge. The program focused on handling profits, working on speed, and meaning, which means infusing sense into your life to create the legacy you want. Providing tangible information and daily pocket coaching to train on and take action over the course of two weeks – you can catch up with a recap on the HeartCore YouTube channel.

The Rise Up Challenge promo image with Shanda doing victory stance

Entrepreneurial challenges are inevitable but can be overcome with the right mindset, support, and training. We must surround ourselves with successful individuals, spot opportunities, and execute them quickly. By going all-in and increasing our ability to take action, we can achieve our desired success and leave a lasting legacy for our families.


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