Shanda On Demand: The Blueprint for Writing a Six-Figure Bestselling Book

Want to learn how writing a book could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for?

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We’re diving into the compelling world of best-selling books today, shedding light on how your passion project could become a six or seven-figure income generator. But we’re not stopping there; we also explore structuring your book for maximum impact and benefit.

The Three S Framework: Origin Story, Situation, Solution

Your book is more than just words on a page; it’s a business tool. To maximize its potential, Sara introduces a framework involving three ‘S’s: Your origin Story, the current Situation in your field, and the Solution you offer. These elements serve as the backbone for your book’s structure.


Your Origin Story: Relatability is Key

The first chapter should establish a connection with your readers. Share your origin story to let them know you’ve been through the trenches and emerged stronger. It’s your foot in the door to create rapport and keep them reading.

The Situation: Context Matters

In the second chapter, describe the current situation or problem in your field. Address the challenges, the stakes, and why this issue needs to be solved now. This builds urgency and assures the reader that they’re not alone in facing these issues.


The Solution: Your Unique Selling Proposition

The third ‘S’ is the Solution, where you lay out how your approach resolves the situation you’ve described. Think of this as the value proposition for your readers, ensuring your book isn’t just informational but transformative.

Your Book as a Marketing Tool

Beyond being a source of passive income, your book can be a highly effective marketing tool. It lends credibility, establishes you as a thought leader, and offers value that can be translated into other forms of content like emails and social media posts.

The Transformational Power of a Book

Catherine, who shares her seven-year fertility journey in her upcoming book, attributes her career leap from struggling at $20,000 a year to earning millions to her best-selling book and effective business-building. Books not only inform but can also change lives—as it did for one woman whose life was saved by a book 20 years ago.


Your best-selling book can be a powerful business asset and even a life-changing tool for your readers. So if you’re serious about this, why not start sketching an outline today? With Sara’s framework, you’ll be well on your way to authoring a book that delivers both high value and high returns.

Watch for part two in this series where we will explore even deeper into how to monetize your best-selling book.

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