Shanda On Demand: Mastering the Mindset and Tactics for Personal & Business Growth

In this episode of “Shanda On Demand,” we navigate the maze of personal development and business growth.

Watch the video below for more detailed insights and actionable advice.

The Social Aspect of On-Demand Mastermind

Shanda, fresh off a three-day event, throws light on the workings of an on-demand mastermind session hosted on Zoom. He also shares how Sara and Ash utilize their Mondays and Tuesdays for book development and monetization. The conversation then flows into ‘Hot Seat Fridays,’ a unique training module focusing on direct-to-camera interaction.


Cross-Selling and Emotional Resonance

Cross-selling is not just about peddling additional items; it’s an art. Shanda and Jonathan go deeper into the trending issue of self-doubt. They affirm that your audience needs more than just services or products—they crave emotional resonance. To connect, one must be vulnerable and authentic, a message that’s resonating with people more than ever.

No Excuses, No Negative Talk

Whether it’s one of their 1% club clients recovering her speech or discussing the ‘no buts, no excuses’ policy in their house, the theme is clear: Optimism and positive thinking are key. Redirecting negative conversations into something more constructive is how Shanda and his team operate. And it’s this optimistic outlook that carries them through thick and thin.

Vision and Market Sensitivity

What really elevated Shanda’s career was his ability to sell emotion in real estate. After the market crash, Shanda navigated through setbacks by staying rooted in his vision. It’s essential to have that vision, especially when market trends are unpredictable. And as Shanda suggests, increasing your net worth now might be easier than you think.

Hooks and Resilience

Michelle’s segment on the episode emphasized the power of a good headline or hook for your webinar. In times of such uncertainty, resilience is the game-changer. With people’s lives fluctuating dramatically, the ability to adapt and stay strong is critical, and Michelle assures that a good hook can be a doorway to this transformative mindset.


Whether it’s tackling self-doubt or honing your business acumen, this episode of “Shanda On Demand” offers actionable advice and profound insights into personal development and business growth. It’s a packed house of wisdom, perfect for anyone seeking a life of fulfillment and success.

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