The 1 Percent Club



The 1 Percent Club is for you if you are truly ready to become unstoppable in pursuit of your business and personal goals—and you’re willing to do the work. It’s for established entrepreneurs who want to explode their results in terms of income and freedom, through personalized coaching with Shanda Sumpter, Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business. This intimate, intense yearlong program is designed to give you the guidance you need to absolutely supercharge your business.

This exclusive year long program gives you voice / text access to Shanda

during the week so you can get personalized advice whenever you need it as well

as a personalized business plan designed to guide you in reaching your most important goals.

Over the course of 12 months, discover timely, relevant strategies, methods, and tools to create more wealth, become the best possible leader, and change the world using your gifts.

When you enroll in The 1 Percent Club, Shanda will take you under her wing and give you direct teaching, advice, and coaching based on what she’s learned as she’s built HeartCore Business, which is on track to become an 8-figure company in the near future.



You walk away with absolutely everything you need to know to be among the top One Percent of business owners in the world. You’ll be transformed, personally and professionally, armed with exactly what you need to create precisely the results you want in terms of income and freedom.