HeartCore Leadership from HeartCore Business is for you if you're an entrepreneur who has been working really hard but you haven't broken through, financially, and you're ready to stop banging your head against the wall and finally break free and MAKE IT.

Through this powerful program, you'll discover how to get through the hard stuff, eliminate confusion, reduce overwhelm and reduce stress.. and finally unlock an abundance mindset so you can receive all that you work so hard for without working so hard!




Develop a fresh canvas on which to create your most amazing life. Create a vision that is far beyond what you believe is possible right now, and prepare yourself to do your best work in the world.



Redefine your life’s vision, and put the pieces in place to begin living it. This is where you’ll learn to transform your limiting beliefs and break through fear-based barriers to create the life you truly want. You’ll develop “external” skills like time management, goal setting, and effective communication, and “internal” processes like self-love, empowering others, and breaking through your fears.



This is where you become a kickass finisher. This is where you get stuff done. You’ll lock in all the work you’ve done so far, so it sticks … so you can LIVE the strategic plan you’ve developed.

If you can just feel the potential inside of you, the greatness just waiting to come out, then join Shanda for the HeartCore Leadership Transformational Experience. You receive an invitation to five trainings each over the course of three days throughout the year.
The five, trainings are:

The five, in-person retreats are: