10 Days to Turning Your Business Around!

If you are going to turn your business around in ten days, we’ve got to get real here-

So here’s the deal. You may like what I say and nod your head yes as you read these words.  Or you may find yourself resisting this change.  Notice that if you feel resistance, there is definitely something here for you. Buy the book The War of Art if you are feeling resistance.  I may not be able to break down your walls, but I have faith that Steven Pressfields words in The War of Art will change your life forever.  I’ve read it multiple times; it’s priceless!

Let’s dig in now!

First, how are you with giving your business your full effort?

I used to play this game.  I think I was afraid that if I gave it my all, I’d still fail and couldn’t keep up the effort.  Whatever you are doing right now, give it your all.  Stop spreading yourself too thin and FOCUS. You deserve a better life, and you can make a difference for yourself.

Second, are you working a project that scares you?

Don’t be bored in your business.  Fear is a great motivator to keep you away.  Face it now.  Work a project that makes you a little nervous and that you can see will bring you one step closer to freedom!  Growth happens outside your comfort zone.  Be OK with losing some sleep!

Third, stop complaining.  Complaining is a broke person’s behavior pattern, and if you want to grow your business, you’ve got to be empowered.  I see this most in really powerful people who are hiding behind their opinions and have such brute force behind their words that most people in their lives will never challenge them.

If this is you, stop complaining and start receiving.  That is, unless you’d rather be “right” for the rest of your life and keep struggling.   You know this is true if you are feeling the impact of these words right now.  Possibly even cursing me 🙁 Sorry, but it’s time to let down your walls!

Fourth, make money!

Look, making money isn’t hard.  Most of the time you already know what you need to do. Sometimes it takes some practice to make it happen, but heck, that’s true for all of us who get to have more money than we can spend.  It’s hard—yes!  So would you rather not have it?  Stop focusing on stuff that doesn’t make you money.  You did not start a business to be in charity work.  Volunteering is without pay.  Your business is here to add value to people’s lives, provide a better life for you and your family, and give back to society as a whole.  Stop messing around and get on with it 🙂

Fifth, become an opportunity for your employees to grow.

Hire someone on your team that makes you work harder.

Someone that is counting on you that forces you to be more consistent so you keep them busy!

Hiring my first virtual assistant was scary, but I know for sure that was the first tipping point to me making a good income working from home.  Don’t hold back; hire to grow your business.  Make this small tweak in your mindset strategy.

Sixth STEP:  Make your ten-day plan with the five guidelines above and commit to working your ass off.  Work late nights, early mornings, whatever it takes for just ten days and see what your results are.  This is what it looks like with you sprinting full out for a short period of time.  It’s a great rhythm to practice.

How about you stop knowing what to do next, and just do it now!

That’s all I have for you today.  I hope that it helped.

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Much Prosperity and Happiness,


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