A little about Shanda Sumpter:

Shanda--Close up

Shanda Sumpter is the founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Women. She’s a business coach who has created an online marketing course specifically for her own clients, The #1 Resource for Women To Do What They Love, Make More Money, and Live the Life They Want!

What Is A Business Coach?

She’s often asked ‘what is a business coach?’ Shanda provides valuable teaching skills aimed at transforming women’s financial lives. For the past few years, Shanda has created opportunities for women business owners and has enlightened female entrepreneurs both individually through her online marketing course and by creating ‘sisterhood’ networks online.

She has a passion for women’s interests and issues and is a highly sought-after speaker for companies, events, and organizations around the world. Her background includes successfully creating new business ventures for emerging and established companies, including playing a significant part in the creation of $40 million plus in new business for a Las Vegas real estate firm and the material in her online marketing course reflects that experience.

Areas Of Expertise

Considered to have “The Midas Touch,” whatever Shanda touches turns into gold. She specializes in assisting women CEOs establish a foundation of recurring cash flow in their business models so they can move on to making a bigger impact in the world. Her philosophy is that it’s hard to make a difference when you are struggling to take care of yourself. Once her clients’ companies are financially set, she works to help her clients create schedules that allow them to enjoy life now.

Shanda doesn’t believe in waiting until you are retired to create the life you want.  Known for her moxie (initiative and determination) and contagious energy, Shanda excels in her mindset that there’s never a problem, only solutions.  She loves a challenge and is convinced that women entrepreneurs have a big role to play in today’s economy.

Shanda runs her worldwide enterprise, HeartCore Women, from her home office on the coast of California and is often found traveling the world while still servicing her sold out coaching programs and helping clients who are taking her online marketing course.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is a business coach?” and more importantly, what Shanda can do for you, please contact her for more information.