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  1. Peggy Lamb

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Are you coaching packages all a six month committment?
    2. It seems as if your coaching programs are designed for othe coaches. I am not a coach and wonder if they would be appriopriate for me.

    1. Shanda

      Hi Peggy – The coaching commitment is 6 months and that is because you’ll need that to cover everything we need to cover to bring you up to the level of success that your looking for. You do not have to be a coach to take this program. What you need is a dream to have a greater impact in the world and make money with your idea. Much love Shanda

    1. Shanda

      Hi Kendra – Are you saying that you are trying to bring a few different business models together?
      If so that is a normal transition spot that people who are about to really explode their business come to. The reason why that’s true is because you are getting more clear and together with your message. Your site looks good but it’s not set up to collect a data base of names. Therefore you are leaving a lot of money on the table. My suggestion is that you take a Ruby spot. – Shanda

  2. Carol Ann Snyder

    I would like to be put on your list for January 2012. Thank you For Business Coaching

    1. Shanda

      Hi Carol. We added you to the wait list now!

  3. Margaret

    Hi Shanda, could you put me on the list for Jan as well, please? Thanks!

    1. Shanda

      Hi Margaret, I will put you on the list for the VIP Coaching. We’ll be opening the doors in November for deposits. Much Love Shanda

  4. Laura Jackson

    Hi Shanda!!!

    I loved the “Free Training” call you just hosted. You Rock!!!!! I feel your message in my heart. I am positive that I have been guided to your site to share your intuition and wisdom for my Divine purpose. Please add me to your waiting list. Thank you!! Laura <3

  5. Richa Badami

    Is there room in your Sapphire session starting in January?

  6. Katy Locke

    I tried to look you up on Facebook searching under Shanda Sumpter Freedom Coach and turned up 0 results. ?

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