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Making Money Online – The Conscious Way

Let’s Build A Conscious Business  And Spread Your Light All Over The World!


It’s CRITICAL when building a business that you know for sure what your client’s needs are. Otherwise you’re guessing and that’s not going to make you feel SPIRITUAL or RICH.

Recently, I released a survey to see what you needed so that I could make sure you had what it takes to fly sky high.

Before I show you HOW you can jump start your business online in just 1 day, here’s the results of my survey.

Take a look at these results.

1. Do you feel like you’re building a conscious business or do you feel like you’re only making money?

  • Said Yes – 43.3% 
  • Said No – 9.3%
  • Not Sure how to do it, but want to – 47.4%

2. What is your biggest challenge with this process of building a business?

  • Not knowing where to start – 31.3%
  • Not sure how to advertise – 11.1%
  • Do not Enough Money 41.4%
  • N/A – 16.2%

3. Are you currently building a community of paying clients/ customers?

  • Said Yes – 39.8%
  • Said No – 24.5%
  • Want to but don’t know how? – 35.7%

4. Do you feel like your clear on your life’s purpose?

  • Said Yes I’m clear – 64.0%
  • Said Now I’m not clear – 35.0%
  • N/A – 1.0%

5. On the technical side of business where do you disconnect the most?

  • Have trouble with writing – 17.5
  • Website Maintenance – 37.1%
  • Website Design – 21.6
  • Blogging – 23.7%

6. What is the biggest thing you feel is lacking in your business that would bring it into alignment with your purpose?

  • How do I find my ideal client – 10.3%
  • How to communicate my message – 6.2%
  • How to release it to the world – 11.3%
  • Getting the things done that I’m not good at – 15.5%
  • All of the above – 56.7%

7. Are you interested in learning more about Social Media?

  • Yes FaceBook – 7.2%
  • Yes Twitter – 2.1%
  • Yes Linked In – 8.2%
  • All Of the Above – 64.9%

There is no one strategy that will solve your problems online but there is a step by step process that I know that will fast track you making more money using the internet.  Here’s your next step- if you need it, keep reading.

This Page Will EXPOSE The Greatest Needs Of

Today’s Small Business Owner!

I know that when I was getting started I made some huge mistakes that slowed me down for years from making the money I wanted to.

I used to put together products and then market them.  That’s backwards to building a sustainable business. Although I did OK it was the hard way to build a business.

I’d like to show you now how to fast track yourself through many of the common mistakes business owners have, and put together a Step By Step plan that we can implement on the first day we’re together.

Imagine, what this could be worth to not only you personally? But also, to your financial and spiritual future.

Let me give you a sneak peak- 

It’s the difference between feeling lost in technology, not knowing how to get paid every month for you product or services, and feeling REALLY good about your life. The good news is, I can show you how to have a website running flawlessly that someone else manages and it doesn’t cost you very much at all.

It’s all about value and priorities- a big key in a conscious spiritually awake business. 

Here’s your chance to bring into alignment all that you’ve been lacking:

I’m going to teach you in 4 Hours all on MP3’s  HOW To:

Making Money Online – The Conscious Way


We’re going to cover what YOU need now to have an alive and vibrant business that pays you BIG money.

Spirit didn’t make us to be poor or to struggle!

You have what it takes- You just have to give up the mindset that says you don’t.

You’ll need to be able to trust someone who’s done it and is willing to show you- And it’s easier than you may think.

This is how it works!

What we are going to cover based on what you told me you need:

  • Step-By-Step Processes To Follow To Make Money Everyday
  • How To Find Free Marketing
  • Build A Tribe Of Repeat Customers
  • Build A Business Around Your Purpose
  • How To Write
  • Blogging The Authentic Way
  • Design Your Entire Website For less Then $200
  • Inexpensive Technology Help
  • Increase Membership Sales And Loyalty
  • Stop Trying To Do What You Are Not Good At
  • Release YOU Into The World
  • Social Media For Everyday People
  • Network with other Conscious People Building Business
  • How To Find Your Ideal Client


Bonus:  I’m Going to give you my Plan that you can follow that is set up to create a $100,000 a year Business.  That’s $8k a month in re-occuring business.  However, not everyone will follow this plan.  It is the plan that I use in step by step order.

If you are tired of second guessing “HOW” to be Conscious and Wealthy…. you’re in the right place.

Follow me 4 Hours …..I’ll show you how to make money doing what you LOVE. 

What this class includes:

  • 4 Mp3 Audio’s
  • Access To A Private Facebook Group
  • Study Guide
  • Money Making Newsletter Template


What To Do Now?  JUST SAY YES!  


Yes I’m In ! I’m ready, Shanda, to invest 4 hours of my time with you to create a life changing shift so that I can be the owner of a conscious business. I understand that it will require a commitment of my time and am willing to attend this live event so that the life I’ve always dreamed of can now be mine. Let’s go!


Buy Now - $127

 Shanda--Close up-200

Shanda’s “I’ll stand behind my word”

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you. Join our live event, listen to the content, listen to the Mp3’s. If for some reason you don’t receive all that you need to become clear, build a vibrant and conscious business- we’ll make it right by giving you 100% of your money back- no questions asked. There’s nothing to lose whatsoever.


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