Most Entrepreneurs Only make Twenty Thousand a Year


I just did an interview the other day about how to work less and earn more!

It was one of the first times that I really got to talk about HeartCore Endurance and how training for races will without a doubt make you more money.

One of the best parts about the interview was about

• Did you know that it’s normal for coaches to make $20k dollars a year
• It’s normal that people who make $1million dollars rarely make it twice
• Most business’s fail in the first 2 years
• and It’s Hard to Make money working from home

If that’s normal you can have it.
It all sounds like struggle to me.

Our clients at HeartCore Business are all interested in
breaking the paradigm to normal.  But what does it take?

#1 It takes finding a new crowed of people to spend time with.

Honestly, get yourself into a good mastermind.  Come to my Zone event in December and hang out with our successful clients.  You need to be influenced by people who are making $25,000 dollars a month as NEW business owners.

You’ve got to allow your head to let go of “Normal as you know it” and take on a new state of consciousness!

ZoneEventCollage1#2 Change your habits.

Your habits are responsible for your success.
Listen, if someone can show you a formula for getting rich and you try it and it fails.
Is it the formula or you.  I’ll tell you it’s your habits.

I’ll show you this at the Zone event!

#3 Remember that tactics work but only if you know how to execute.

Perfectionism, procrastination, and lack of following through to your goal will kill any dream.  This is why we train our entrepreneurs for races.  Did you now that Eckart Tolle, Jim Carrey and many of the top money makers on our planet today train for athletic races.  It’s not as hard as you think.  Break your normal vs extreme mentality.

Here read my new ebook5 Reasons entrepreneurs who train for races make more money!

I know that anyone can reach financial freedom if they decided on a new normal.
But first you have to give up speaking and getting influenced by people who are just getting by.

It’s hard to believe that such a simple thing can change your life but it can.
I promise you can handle more with less stress.

You do not have to give up your quality of life to be wealthy.  There is a better way to do this and I think you’ve always sensed that.  I would like to show you how.

In 3 days I will be covering the three components you need to have a great LIFE and a Money rich bank account at the Zone Event.  You can check out the details below.

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