You Need To Exercise Tough Love If You Want Your Business To Fund Your Dreams!

You Need To Exercise Tough Love If You Want Your Business To Fund Your Dreams!


Being a CEO isn’t for the weak at heart. You need to exercise tough love when running your business if you want it to fund your dreams.

The fact is that it’s not IF you run into challenges, it’s when and how you handle them that determines your success. That’s just a given in owning a business, and the faster you can master being positive about it the better.

The other night we had dinner at my parents’ house with 3 other couples from Canada. Each person shared his or her story of losing it all. It was amazing to see how everyone has their version of a HARDSHIP story that they have lived through!

Let me paint this picture for you, so that you can better understand the people that were at the table: All of these couples are living in $1 million to $3 million homes today, and some of them recently paid cash for them. What I found interesting about this crowd is that EVERY single person went broke at least once in his or her lifetime.

This might sound crazy, but considering my occupation as a women's entrepreneur coach it was inspiring to me, since so many of you think that you aren’t good enough because you haven’t peaked yet.

Is it possible that some people who are supposed to lead financially are given a chance to work through the challenge and come out on the other side? I guess it’s up to you to decide how you’ll frame this idea.

Who knows what the real story is? All we know for sure is that when you overcome a challenge, you gain the wisdom to do it again in the future.

You see, you might be having a challenging time in your life today, but it doesn’t have to last forever. Many successful entrepreneurs go through tough spots while building a business. They second-guess themselves, want to give up, and really aren’t sure if they are making the right decision. That’s all part of the skill-building exercise of becoming a great leader.

How do you know if you should keep going or give up on your business?

When you are doing something you love, you won’t give up.

You may wish that things were easier or debate with yourself about letting go and trying something new, but you just won’t quit. Something keeps you there. It’s like a lifelong relationship: Sometimes you don’t know why you stay, but you do, and it all works out for the better in the end.

The true test comes in hard times. When tough days roll around, only the real deal sticks!

Here’s what happens when you are on the right track. You find different ways to manifest your vision. Sometimes you try taking on new partners, investing in business products, or launching new services, but at the end of the day you just keep going.

If you gave up, then it’s doubtful that you had found your purpose. So, don’t think twice about the past—it’s not worth your time. We regret what we don’t do, not what we’ve done.

How do you know that you’ve found your purpose in business?

You find that you can’t help but do it.

In other words, if you are an artist at heart, when you walk into a home you start designing and sharing your visions with the owner of the house for FREE. You just can’t help but give when an opportunity arrives.

Another clue is that your friends call on you for support or guidance in a particular area. Often, your support group can be a big directional sign on what you should be receiving money for. God gave you a talent to serve others with. It’s a natural talent that you are born with, so use it wisely.

So, when you decide to make money doing something, choose a project that you love. It’s a lot easier to fund your dreams than to chase the dollar around for a living!

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Much Love,
Shanda Sumpter
P.S. After every challenge there is an opening if you allow the space for help!  




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