HeartCore Endurance from HeartCore Business is for you if you’re ready to completely transform your mindset and unlock your unlimited potential. If you’re ready to discover what you’re really capable of, and stop holding yourself back, then this is for you. If you’re ready to become a great finisher, this is for you.

You Vs. You, formerly known as HeartCore Endurance, is a 90- DAY CHALLENGE specifically designed to empower you with the winning mentality required to unlock your unlimited potential.

Starting, launching, growing, and scaling a business can generate so many emotions: inspiration, frustration, overwhelm…It’s an endurance event !

When you enroll in HeartCore Endurance you’ll get the ongoing support you need to train for, participate in and complete an endurance event—one that will completely transform your mindset and your life. You’ll discover proven methods to banish self-doubt, keep moving forward, focus, and manage your mind.

What ?

Thrice-monthly calls where you get customized workouts and strategy coaching to train for your endurance event.

Unlimited access to a private Facebook group for HeartCore Endurance. Soak up and share the encouragement and advice!

An invite to a 3-day endurance event at the end of the 90-day period: one part business, one part endurance, and one part FUN.


*Formerly called HeartCore Endurance