Organizations looking for a motivational, inspirational speaker can find exactly what they’re looking for in Shanda Sumpter. She’s a female motivational speaker who has dedicated herself to bettering women’s lives and creating unique opportunities for women who are looking to start and grow their own businesses.

What makes Shanda different than other female motivational speakers is that she focuses on proven strategies that have worked for her own business as well as for other female business owners who participate in her many different business coaching programs. 

Organizations Won’t Get A Canned, Boring Speech From This Female Motivational Speaker

Shanda tailors her message to each organization, ensuring that each speech is fresh and new — there’s no recycled content here. Whether you’re a business owner looking for ways to increase sales or a women’s business group looking for a nurturing message that’s delivered without fluff, contact Shanda today to learn more about scheduling her for a speaking arrangement. 

Shanda Sumpter Is Available For Print, Television, Podcast And Radio Interviews

Although Shanda is best known as a business coach and a female motivational speaker, she’s also available for interviews, whether the medium is print, television, radio or even podcasts. She can provide your followers, listeners and readers with real advice that’s delivered in a no-nonsense, yet inspirational manner.

If your organization is interested in learning more about Shanda’s role as a motivational, inspirational speaker, contact her via her website or call her at (702) 997-2304.

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