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How Can I Stay Focused On My Vision?

Staying focused on your vision is critical to success. But even something this simple can be much harder than it seems.

Did you know that we have 6,000 separate thoughts each day? What that means is that we think things like, “Oh, I have this big goal. But maybe I’m not that interested any more,” or “I’m not passionate about that dream any more.”  We experience these thoughts as they related to fitness, relationships, career, and finances. We experience these thoughts in every aspect of our lives.

At HeartCore Business, we see people working toward a vision or a dream and then, BAM! A two-by-four hits them. Maybe it’s a bad sellout, or nobody’s buying, or they’re making offers and nobody’s saying, “yes.”

That “moment” may stretch out for a month or a year, or even several years, where they’re not getting feedback that feels loving. They’re getting feedback that tells them this—this dream or vision or goal—isn’t going to work. And then they become disloyal to that dream or vision or goal. There’s always a “reason,” right? There’s not enough time, or money, or whatever.

Here’s the thing: Success loves preparation.

There are things that must be done before the evidence of the goal or dream or vision coming to fruition.

Whatever your goal, the three potential reasons you’re not reaching it are:

  1. You’re in the act of preparing the space for it.
  2. You keep changing your mind.
  3. You keep changing your priorities.

Ask yourself this…

How loyal are you to your dream, even when nothing is happening? And, your dream or vision aside, how loyal are you in every area of your life?

Loyalty goes all the way across the board. When you can do it in your relationships, your friendships, and with regard to your vision, you’ll find that you dissolve the emotional triggers that hold you back from remaining loyal to your vision.

Emotional triggers come up in a huge way in areas where you need to strengthen yourself.

These triggers always pop up when you’re growing a dream or vision—and if you’re not fiercely loyal to your dream or vision, then the emotional triggers will stop you in your tracks. So be flexible with your moods, and be like a pit bull for your vision.

It’s also important not to stress over the strategy. When you have the vision, and you’re loyal to it, the strategy will come. It’s all about who you’re being as you strive toward your vision.

Who are you being? Are you fiercely loyal to your vision? When you are, nothing can stop you!

Spend a moment thinking about where you stop being loyal to your goals, dreams, or visions.

Write down (or share with us!) what “reasons” have you given yourself for giving up on yourself?

What can you do, today, to move past those “reasons” and remain loyal to a vision that will drive you forward?

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