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How to Stop Avoiding Your Problems

As an entrepreneur, you know have to overcome challenges in order to make your life (and your business) flourish. 

Think back to times of struggle. When you look back on all those hard moments, do you remember what came next? Happiness, right? Because on the other side of hard, is happy.

Yet, many of us spend months or years avoiding our problems. What we’re trying to do is prevent ourselves from experiencing hardship.

But what we’re actually doing is preventing ourselves from having a huge breakthrough.

If you’re experiencing a calling in your life or a nudge—a sort of tapping on the door, at your mind, at your heart, begging you to do something, whether it’s writing a book, starting a program, or being more accessible and available to people—then stay in it, even when it’s tough.

So how DO you stop avoiding your problems?

You focus on abundance.

When you focus on abundance, you rewire your brain for an up-level. You make your mind a heat-seeking missile for abundance.

Energy alone can close many deals.

When you’re in the right energy—focused on abundance—you’re more enthusiastic, more connected, and you’re better able to forgive.

Here’s a fun exercise for getting in that energy, that abundance mindset:

Start an abundance pad.

1 .Get yourself a little pad of paper, one that fits in your purse or even your pocket so you can carry it everywhere you go.

2. Every time abundance shows up in your life, write it down. For example, if you get a check in the mail, if someone smiles at you, if someone gives you a discount or a little “extra” when you’re out and about, write it down.

When you pay attention to abundance in your life, you can transform your entire life.

Why? Because it changes the way you think!

And when you change your thinking, you change your life. You’ll make different decisions. You’ll unhook to the next level because you’re making decisions based on happiness, joy, and abundance. That’s when things start to move forward.

Now, as you set and start to move toward goals, you may experience dark thoughts, or limiting beliefs, like, “Who am I to do this?” or “I failed last, time, who’s to say I’ll succeed this time.”

Or, you may reach a certain goal and realize it’s not enough—and immediately begin pursuing something bigger.

When you look at all of this, it’s easy to pull back. It’s easy to say you don’t feel passionate any more, or you don’t even want to earn more money because you don’t need it.

Take a moment to think about a “hard” challenge you’re facing … or even avoiding. Be honest with yourself. Write down that challenge. When you’re honest with yourself, and with others, you release that “stuck” energy.

And once you’ve identified that problem or challenge, run toward it. Run toward it, today!

Identify what you can do now to face the problem head-on—and emerge on the other side feeling happy and successful.

Meanwhile, focus on becoming an abundance-seeking missile.

When you do, you’ll change your thinking and your life.

What are YOU going to overcome today? Write it down in the comment section below to let us give you some support! 


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