How to Write a Good Newsletter


Marketing a Small Business Online with a Good Newsletter!

There’s a lot of confusion around how to write a good newsletter.  Why do you want to write a newsletter, and how often should you be sending them out?

 — Oh and how long should you spend writing them? I hear some business owners are taking hours to write these.  They are trying too hard.  I want to relieve your stress if you are a business owner struggling with your newsletter.

 Let me take the CRAZINESS out of this subject and lay out a comprehensive plan for you. This plan is very detailed and, if you are like me, you get tired of reading all the time,  so I recorded a video blog for you!   

Main ideas of the video (but much more in the video, so make sure you watch it!):

 First of all, WHY should you be writing a newsletter?

  •  Connection turns to cash in every small business!  The owner of Zappos said this originally, and I’ve seen it come true with our coaching clients and with our company.
  • Send your newsletter a minimum of once a week!  No exceptions, and send it the same day and the same time each week.  Real companies are consistent, and your future clients are watching to see if they can trust you.
  • It’s a NO-cost online marketing strategy that any business owner can take advantage of.
  • It shouldn’t take a business owner longer than 45 minutes to write a newsletter every week.  Anything longer and you are trying too hard.  (In the video I give you tips to find great ideas for blogging/newsletter topics that will create deep relationships with your client base.)

Remember that if you want your business to pay for your future and give you a stress-free life, you better have an attitude of gratitude about writing your weekly newsletter. 

To date it is still my #1 income generator, and I know if you do this properly you’ll experience the same relief!

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