Introducing the “Make A Big Difference And Create More Cash Flow”

In 2012 VIP Coaching With Shanda Sumpter



It’s Time….. What Path Will You Take In 2012?


This is it my friends.  We are going to take a limited amount of women and transform their business through an intensive one on one and group coaching program.  Otherwise we are going to get clear, strategies and put a profitable business model to your personal dream.


With a good amount of the spots already taken, it’s become urgent that we make sure that the rest of the spots go to people who are serious about getting in.


We will be accepting ONLY the following clients In 2012:


  • 20 Sapphires
  • 7 Rubies
  • 5 Diamonds

For more details on the program spots click here.


In 2011 we sold out in 2 weeks and took a wait list for the next year.  Here’s my heart felt warning for you- don’t waste another minute.


This is my favorite program to coach.  My heart, soul and 100% of me is put into making this program EXACTLY what you need.  I’ve spent upwards of $90,000 on my own mentoring because it’s what I value most in my own business.  



Your 2012 Proven High Six Figure A Year Coaching Program Will Open November 1st, 2011



Ready – Set – Go!  This time last year was an exciting time of year because we sold out in just 14 days.  PLEASE, if you want this then don’t wait another minute because trying to run a business without a mentor is the LAST thing you want to do.  


If you are interested, then register for the FREE call below.


Date: November 1st, 2011

Time: 8:00 pm ET / 5:00pm PT

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  1. Irene

    I would really like to be on the call on Nov. 1st, but I have an important meeting to attend starting at 7:00 pm ET. Is there anyway I can listen to it later?



    1. Shanda

      Hi Irene.. Yes there will be a replay!

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