Get More Sales Doing What You Love: A Step by Step Program on How to Build (and Love) Your Business



Welcome to The Messenger Revolution Tribe!



Assuming that you found your way here is a big indicator that you’re ready. You’re ready… to allow a higher calling to come forward and create a consistent cash flow of income. You’re ALSO ready to let go of your fears, resistance, and get some help once and for all.

Everyone has to get to this point….. I remember when I made the leap to let go of my job and lead a purpose driven life. The only thing that would come up as a regret today is that this wasn't done earlier. Frankly boredom had taken over and inspiration to even get up in the morning was gone. The topics of business strategy and spirituality became my consuming focus… even more than my high paying work in my 9 to 5 job… this was becoming a nightmare fast.

And here’s the kicker, when the decision was finally made to follow my passion and my heart…. making great money was not hard and doing the things I love, such as coaching clients and seeing breakthrough, became not just a special occasion but a part of my everyday life.  Oh….. and all the support a girl could ever dream of showed up as well and I fell madly in love to boot!


(Who knows, maybe the universe supports authentic action or something?)

It worked!


During the past year we've created women’s business coaching programs and joint venture retreats that sell out every time we announce them.  I'm also teaching other women how to find the courage, skills, and money to run a successful, authentic, and profitable business at the same time. 

My 15 years of studying with the top spiritual gurus combined with the 12 years of being responsible for millions in sales has become my "Inner Circle Club" for business women just getting started or are at a point of rebuilding their journey.

Here's how I'd love to help you!

We’ve combined my material to give you the best of what I know so far to help you with the clarity and steps that you need to create a sustainable business online.

I’m going to host a Once a month coaching group call so that you can really jump start your business faster.  You'll be able to ask me questions so there is no excuse for not having your best year yet.


Consistent coaching has proven to be the most reliable method for all successful entrepreneurs to grow their business. 

You'll get weekly training videos or audios and formulas through a private group online where I'll be giving you valuable material on what to do step by step.


This program is like a business in a box. A – Z minus the accounting department to balance your influx of new cash flow..

So Let's Get Started!

So here's what you get!


  • Purpose driven business 
  • Step By Step on HOW to build your business online
  • More Time in your life
  • Stop Making Costly Mistakes
  • List Building
  • Blue Print to Get More Sales Doing What You Love
  • Spirituality & Business 
  • How to Create Products people buy!
  • Increase your Income
  • Become A Leading Expert
  • Stop Procrastinating 
  • Write Viral E-books
  • Blog Training
  • How to set up your blog for less then $200
  • How to speak to clients so that they work with you
  • And much much more…  

Every Tuesday-

Receive a 8 – 12 minute Business Video / Audio from Shanda based on the monthly focus of the group.  We’ll share the training by 5pm ET and get clear about it in our private Facebook Group together.


LIVE Call Schedule for 2012 Is As Follows:

  • Tuesday, July 17th – 5pm ET
  • Tuesday, August 21st – 5pm ET
  • Tuesday, September 18th- 5pm ET
  • Tuesday, October 16th – 5pm ET
  • Tuesday, November 20th – 5pm ET
  • Tuesday, December 11th – 5pm ET


You’ll get access to Shanda LIVE every month to work together to build your business online, ask questions, share win’s, and anything else you can use to build a successful business together.



Important Reminder: 


All the live calls, videos and audio’s will be archived from the date you join. You will NOT have access to the past calls if you join later in the year- so get in today!

When you join the Inner Circle Club for Women you’ll get access to that months’s training material and everything else moving forward for as long as you are a member.



You’ve never been closer to being in the drivers seat of financial securty. We believe that the journey into prosperity is a spiritual journey. You really need to uncover the stuff that's holding you back. There is no better way to do that then to jump into it. Why wait anymore?

Our focus for 2012 is increasing your profitable sales so that you can do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it.


When you join the Inner Circle you'll be given access to that months' calls & videos & everything moving forward for as long as you stay a member. 

So if your ready and I think you are if your still reading.


BONUS:  As a special Bonus I am including my  Making Money Online – The Conscious Way program for FREE ($427 value) Instant Access!  This alone with will give you CLARITY on what you're doing so that you can start living the life you want!



$97 / month

No Contracts- You Can Remain A Member As Long As You Are Making Money.


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