Perfect Business Plan for Women Who Want Freedom

Perfect Business Plan for Women Who Want Freedom


Yes, it’s true. The perfect plan to reach freedom is a real thing!

I bet sometimes you wonder if it will ever happen.

You’ve joined programs, read books, and listened to almost every “make more money” CD in the world, yet you still haven’t found any relief. I’m going to change that for you today.

I am going to show you the fundamental plan you must put in place to grow your business. Use these guidelines to fit whatever project you’d like to do next in your business, and you’ll be a success. Good luck, and let me know what more you need, if anything!

The Perfect Business Plan for Women Who Want Freedom

1) When you have the money, you have to take the time off!

Every month you’ve got to schedule “ME” time; otherwise kids, family, clients, and other things will suck away every last breath you have in the day.

The last week of every month I take a ME week. It’s called a flex week. Last week, I swear, three really big partners wanted me to engage in business. Trust me when I say that if I didn’t have my week crossed off, I would have been on the phone with them talking shop. Instead they got replies that I couldn’t get to a computer until Monday!

It’s amazing that when you create boundaries that give you space, self-love, and time to regenerate, you never feel like you NEED TIME OFF AGAIN!

2) If your cash flow is low, stop everything!

Too many people run their lives in stress because they are making the wrong decisions. If you need cash flow, then FOCUS on getting a client or selling something. If you need help selling, then hire a coach that understands your need to sell now!

It breaks my heart when people who need cash spends months getting their website up, branding, or other tasks (that, granted, eventually need to be in the strategy) instead of building a client base and successfully selling a good product or service to them. Doesn’t that make sense?

3) Family, yourself, and your business are all important.

If you are going to be a role model for your kids, you’d better stop hiding behind them. That was a bit harsh, but here’s what I mean! Your babies grow up to make the same decisions as you. So set healthy boundaries. Have family time, me time, and business time.

Balance is a facade. You may spend two months working your butt off to build your client list. Those two months you are more tired than normal and probably aren’t the most attentive mommy! However, two weeks after you build your client list, you sell $4,000 worth of product and can take your family on a week-long vacation for some truly memorable moments! Keep your head about you when the guilt steps in, and schedule appropriately so that everybody wins every quarter!

Summary for the perfect business plan for women who want more freedom

1) Take enough time every month at the same time to enjoy your life now.
2) Need cash flow: Focus on sales – period!
3) There is no competition between family, kids, and your business. (It can’t be an either-or conversation; otherwise you’ll stay where you are in your business.)

Let me know what you thought about this blog article and leave a comment below! If you have a question, you can leave it in the comment below and I will answer it for you.


Much Love & Ample Freedom,

Shanda Sumpter
Business & Success Coach / Owner
HeartCore Women


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