Resistance Breakthrough: How to Stop Procrastinating and Resisting your Future!


Resistance Breakthrough: How to Stop Procrastinating  and Resisting your Future! 

Have you ever wanted something so BAD, but no matter how hard you try, you never seem to reach it?  Well, I bet I can help you today.

You see, today is your day to have a RESISTANCE BREAKTHROUGH!

Here’s what I’m talking about:

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston Churchill

Recently I had a work and social schedule that would make an athlete training for the Olympics feel tired. The odd part is that I created this life out of my dreams but was in such resistance that I almost missed precious moments.

A good friend once told me she always knows when her EGO is at work because she wants to be alone.  That rings in my ear every time I want to slow down.

Now remember that I have a pretty incredible schedule.  Some of the BEST in the industry come to me to figure out how to sell more and to create more time in their schedule. 

What took me off balance was managing the things I had to do when I had so much FUN piling up in my life.  Sounds like a fairy tale, but, trust me, you have a deserve level like the rest of us. 

When life starts to get better for people, they often stop feeling gratitude and slip into resistance.  Everyone does this at a different point.  What’s important is that you be conscious so that you can be an enlightened entrepreneur growing her business in leaps and bounds without sabotage! 

What do you do if you are feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything you WANT and HAVE to do?

First of all, think of what you are missing out on because of being resistant in the first place.  Do you realize most of your procrastination comes from being indecisive?  It’s COSTING you too much!

Manage your DESERVE level.

#1 Organize your to-do list by having only ONE main focus each month to accomplish.  Write out your top TWELVE WISHES for your fiscal year, and delegate a month to each focus.

#2 Create space in your weekly and monthly calendar to have FUN days.  These will grow over the years. You’ll see your bank account grow with them as long as you implement step #1 above.

#3 As your company gets BIGGER, so does your life.  Be grateful when friends invite you to play.  Be honored when people request your company if you want a resistance breakthrough.  Otherwise you’ll block your future growth.

Energy is very loyal to abundance.  It is attracted to people who can treat it kindly.  Be the woman you want to be for people, your virtual assistance, your clients, and most of all for yourself.

I learned this lesson the hard way.  After you lose some important people in your life, you will realize that relationships are THE MOST important gems you’ve got.  Never take them for granted.

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