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[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Open%20Sans” font_color=”%23000000″]Introduction & Preparation, Whoo Hoo! You’re about put your marketing formula in the correct order, build a list and be on your way to a life of financial freedom! List Power is pre-recorded and unedited with a LIVE audience. To get the MOST out of this program: (post this list so you can see it!) Interviewing your Experts Go to you List Power Guide and study the section on INTERVIEWS. TIP: People buy People. So the best advice is to INFUSE your Personality!

  1. Take Copious Notes – Be ready to think like an Entrepreneur.
  2. Do what I ask you to do – Let go of perfection & stop procrastination.
  3. Make a commitment to follow through no matter what.
  4. Ask for the help you need and reach out for support
  5. Be on the weekly laser coaching Q&A calls

GET STARTED ACTION STEPS: #1: Join the List Power Facebook Group. Add Misti Heartcore as a friend on Facebook and she will add you to the group. The FB Group is essential to your success of this program and it is where you will receive instruction and support. #2: Download your LIST POWER GUIDE below. This guide is your main document for this program and contains all the information you need. #3: Create a List Power Binder. Print out a copy of the GUIDE and put it in a binder. Add paper to the binder so you can takes lots of notes and keep everything organized and together. #4: Mark your Calendar. Take a moment and schedule in your calendar your LIVE Q&A Calls every Monday at 10AM (PST). You don’t want to miss your chance for personal coaching. Note: List Power is a pre-recorded and unedited with a LIVE audience.     List Power calls happen every Monday at 10:00am Pacific time (that’s 11:00am Mountain, 12:00pm Central, and 1:00pm Eastern). Dial in 5 minutes early to (452) 440-5100 and enter the pin 804775#.  The password is 5555#. For a full list of dial in numbers internationally, click here: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local If you can’t make a call, no problem.  Call recordings will be available for up to 3 weeks.  You can access the replays below. This book is recommended in Module #7 Namecheap is used to buy your domain name Aweber will hold your list and send your autoresponders Hostgator will host your telesummit website Optimize Press is used to build your telesummit pages Vimeo will host your videos for a video summit Instantteleseminar is to record your phone interviews Gotowebinar can be used to record your interviews This book is recommended in module #2   Congratulations on joining the 2016  Pace Club VIP Coaching Program! I’ve spent the past year uncovering, testing, analyzing, improving and implementing the online secrets that you need to learn how to attract new clients and get your message into the hearts, souls and homes of your ideal clients all over the world, and I can’t wait for you to get started!    Mark your calendars as the program officially starts on July 5th, 2016!   To get started setting yourself up for success please: 1. Join the Pace Club Facebook group by Clicking Here to add Misti as your friend and she will get you set up in the group! 2. Create a Pace Club Folder. You Purchase any 2inch  3 ring binder and add plenty of paper.  There will be a number of worksheets and downloads to be printed and included in the binder as we go! 3. Buy and Start Reading “War of Art” –  Click Here to order it from Amazon today. If you have any questions, please email: [email protected] or call Misti at 866-390-3005. Much Love,

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Pace Club Training Starts on July 5th! 

Making Money Online

Congratulations and welcome to the next evolution of your online business.

This program has infinite possibilities for you now and in your near future. My suggestion is to listen to it at least 2 times to get the most out of this program. You’ll find that you will implement more in your business each time you study this program.

Let’s get started now on Making Money Online -The Conscious Way

Set aside the next 4 hours in a quiet place with a pencil and paper…you might need to listen to these audios more than once!

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Class Training Audio’s:


“Before PACE Club, I had been treating my relationship coachin business as a “jobby” (the hobby on the side of my job) until I found myself unemployed and tried to make it my full-time source of income. After a year of making very little money, I invested in PACE, doubled my income, did it again the next year, and hit six-figures my third year. PACE changed my life and my family’s life by giving me the tools and skills I needed to learn to grow a list, nurture and sell to that list and create ongoing recurring income! The friendships, partnerships, and personal and professional development we got in PACE and continue to get in Marketing Mastery are priceless! I’m so grateful I finally said yes to ME!”

Gladys Diaz

“I’m a different woman, altogether! Besides being able to build 6800 people between 2 list builds and a flood of expert speaking appearances, that were a direct result HeartCore Community referrals and love; I have more confidence, self-worth, value, trust, amazing connections and A-list relationships, & success principles galore. I learned how to problem solve, service/sales skills, awareness of where I stop (and how not to), have the ability to recognize & overcome how resistance shows up for ME, ability to complete and keep my commitments, got visible, sold $72,564 faster than what I thought possible (while raising my 6 kiddos, homeschooling, supporting my mom’s recovery & year of major transition with my grandkids & adult kids) I learned how to open up to hold MORE!!! I learned that my success is based on how many problems I can solve, and now OWN a system to create success in a way that feels right for me and my lifestyle, and on my terms, and sooooo much more-PRICELESS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love you all, and am FOREVER grateful! 🙂 xoxo”

Tonia Lewis