The One Thing Ultra-Successful People Have in Common—and 5 Ways to Implement It in Your Life

Have you ever wondered about the difference between successful people and less-successful people? What sets the rich apart from the less-than-rich? Why do some people seem to be able to do it all and have it all while others slip back into old patterns and wind up struggling?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a big goal, right? A big dream. There is something you want—something you’re yearning for.

Maybe it’s financial independence. Maybe it’s a certain dollar amount in your bank account. Or maybe it’s more personal than that: a romantic relationship, a family, your dream home.

Manifesting or creating this one thing would mean “success” to you.

Take a quick minute to think of something specific you want—something that’s really important for you to create or manifest in your life.

Got it?

Okay, now take a moment to think about why it’s not happening and the emotion that goes along with that feeling.

More than likely, it’s an emotion related to scarcity. And that scarcity seeps into all the decisions you make and actions you take around that goal.

Now, we’re going to switch gears for a moment, and then I’m going to tie it all together.

I’ve been an avid reader of the Bible for about a year and a half now. And even if you’re not that into the Bible or religion, I’d love for you to stick with me and hear this story, because it has a deeper meaning that you can apply to your own life.

The Bible tells the story of a group of people who are giving ten percent of their incomes (tithes) to the public fund for charity. Jesus is looking at all the tithes being given. The rich people are tithing; everybody is tithing. And then one woman comes along and she tithes basically two cents.

She obviously doesn’t have the disposable income the rich people had, but she’s sharing her livelihood—she’s giving some of the money that pays her rent, puts food in her belly.

And here’s the takeaway:

Giving is NOT about giving only when it’s convenient.

Giving is an ongoing state of being.

You’ve heard this biblical phrase: “Give, and you shall receive.”

And that is the one thing ultra-successful people have in common: they’re operating out of generosity—not out of scarcity.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You show me a prosperous person, and I will show you someone who is generous. And I believe that when you give, you live.

Think about it: Bill Gates—hugely generous. Pierre Omidyar (co-founder and current chairman of eBay)—hugely generous. Michael Dell of Dell computers, Ted Turner of TBS, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett . . . they’re all ultra-successful and have given billions and billions of dollars to causes they’re passionate about.

If there’s anything I know without a doubt, it’s that generosity is connected to abundance.

How can you operate from a place of generosity?

  1. Get out there and give! Give whatever it is you need more of. If you need more time, give your time. If you need more money, give your money. If you need more kindness and love, give them.
  1. Allow people to give to you. People want to help you. They want to see you succeed. Whether someone is offering their advice or insight, or their time or talent, accept help. If you can’t receive help, you can’t receive anything—not the money you want to make or the success you want to achieve or the love you want to enjoy.
  1. Make your offers from a place of giving. What can you give in a way that people want to be given to? This makes a huge difference in the way the offer lands. Keep in mind that your offer is a solution to someone else’s pain. It’s not greedy for you to make that offer.
  1. Love from a place of giving. If you love your partner, your children, your friends, in the way they need to be loved, imagine how that’s going to come back to you.
  1. Let go of things—and people—that aren’t working. Let go of clients, employees, relationships, even belongings that aren’t a good fit for you. Remember, if you release those things, you jump-start the flow of abundance in your life.

So again, think about that one thing that you want to manifest or create in your life. And think about how you can shift your emotions around it so you’re coming from a place of generosity. What shifts can you make to start that flow of abundance?

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Talk soon,
Shanda XO

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