Women Only: Social Media Leads To Passive Income


Women Only: Social Media Leads To Passive Income




Ladies TIME is a sacred resource for us, and we certainly all want to have more passive income so that we are taken care of in the future.  
That’s why you want to read this article carefully.  

Let me show you the tricks and high-value tips that we use to meet up with our clients and work with them long term.  
The SECRET is knowing how to use social media to create passive income for yourself and serving your clients’ needs at every turn. 

Before I jump into this, please know that you WILL have to apply what is in this article for it to work.  You can increase your income, attract new clients, and build a sustainable business that funds your perfect life when you do each step laid out here. 

It’s not that it’s hard, it’s that people make it hard by saying that they are too busy.  

Here’s a hint.  Get unbusy for the next sixty days,  make time to implement these strategies, and you’ll be able to hire someone to help you with the time-sucking activities that you don’t want to do anymore, like taxes, bookkeeping, housework, grocery shopping, technology, and the list goes on and on.

Any TO-DO list that you have today, imagine delegating 50% of it to someone else.  What could you do with all your EXTRA TIME?

Simple facts on Social Media based on research from Socialnomics 

  • 50% of the world’s population is under 30.
    Translation, look to serve the youth as they grow into your niche.  Survey what they want, and start building a relationship with them now so in the future, it is easy to work together.
  • Facebook beats Google in weekly traffic online.
    Translation, give up being too cool for Facebook. Get an account and BE active on it or don’t complain when you can’t find clients.
  • 80% of companies use social media for recruitment.
    Translation, obvious!
  • Only 14% of people trust advertisements.
    Translation, word of mouth is 90%… Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are word-of-mouth sites that leverage your voice and others in seconds.

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Enough about the facts now.  
What do YOU do to up-level your life and income on social media?


First Step:  Blog as much as possible—at least three times a week—and share your content using social media.  This will help.

Twitter – Share every hour
Facebook – Share once a day
LinkedIn – Share twice a day
Google + – Share once a day

You can use these link shorteners to bring more eyes to your blog posts.

  • Su.pr is a Stumble Upon site that, when you use it, will bring an extra twenty to thousands of new eyes to your blog post.  It’s MY FAVORITE!
  • Buffer.com is great to shorten your blog url link.  Here’s why.  When you post on Buffer, it links to your Twitter account and will post it on Twitter during the HIGHEST traffic times so that you get more views.

I could keep going, but this is enough to get you going.  A confused mind does nothing, and my intention is for you to get results.

Second Step: Schedule posts so they are automated.  Personally, we use HootSuite.com.  When you set it up, you can hook up all your FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles under settings.  This is a MAJOR TIME SAVER. 

Third Step: Add PopUpDomination.com to your site and offer an EXTREMELY valuable free GIFT to your reader.  When new people are clicking through to read your blogs, the pop-up will give the announcement that you want to give them something that they shouldn’t pass up.  This will build your contact base for future work.

Fourth Step: Connect every week with the list of people in your contact base.  This is essential, and I see people miss this step often because they say they are too busy. Don’t be that person because you’ll leave a lot of money on the table.

Your clients have a right to hear your voice and get to know you through your weekly newsletter.  It’s how you grow a relationship with them and it’s how they decide if they need you.  You owe it to them, so do it if you want a real business.

When you put together all four steps, then you can send out solo e-mails with offers for programs, products, and services that you have available for your contact list.  

This is HOW you build a ROCK STAR company that serves many and generates BANK for you.



As Always Much Love,


Shanda Sumpter


P.S.  Did this blog post make a difference for you?  If so, please let me know in the comment box below!

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