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2 Critical Tips for Hiring the Best People for Your Business

If you want to grow your business and make more money, eventually you must hire a team. You need to hire people to handle the details of your growing business, so you can focus on your genius. 

It’s an investment, and it’s one that pays off in incredible returns as you free up your mental space and your energy to focus on what you’re truly great at … and on sharing your gifts with the people who need them.

A good team is invaluable, whether you’re just starting out, or you are taking your established business to the next level.

When it comes to hiring people, then, what do you look for?

In this post, we’re sharing two tips for hiring employees who will help you make your vision reality, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tip 1. Hire people whose skills complement yours.

For example, if you’re not good at time management, hire a virtual assistant (VA) who can help keep you on track. If you’re not good at technology, hire a VA who is competent at updating websites, sending out emails, and doing any other tasks you’re not comfortable with.

HeartCore Business™ Queen Visionary Shanda Sumpter recently shared that she once hired a VA who got HeartCore to a million dollars.

When Shanda listed the opening for the position, she included that she wanted someone who could help her with technical items. The assistant was so savvy that she found ways for Shanda to use her existing software to better connect with website visitors who showed an interest but didn’t follow through.

Thanks to her knowledge of technology, the VA significantly increased the number of sales conversations Shanda had.

No one can do it all, alone. But together, we can do it all.

It may be tempting to look for employees who are similar to you. After all, like attracts like, right? But your company will thrive if you hire people who are different from you, who bring different intensity levels as well as skills to your company.

The takeaway: look for a VA who knows things you don’t know, whose strengths cover your weaknesses.  

Tip 2. Hire workaholics.

At HeartCore Business™, we look for people who work hard. Actually, one of our interview questions is, “Are you a workaholic?”

Yes, we promote lifestyle freedom, but we want people who will work hard whenever they’re here. We want people who we have to tear away from the computer or phone, who we have to kick out of the office at closing time.

This doesn’t mean your employees shouldn’t feel loved, valued, and taken care of. Shanda makes a huge effort to make sure her employees do.

It just means your employees are passionate about the work they’re doing for you—and about the vision they’re helping you manifest.

The takeaway: Hire people you have to pull back rather than people you have to push forward.

In conclusion …

If you want to grow your business as quickly as possible, without feeling overwhelmed or burned out, then hiring team members to support you is absolutely essential.

Of course, not just any team members will do. Hire people whose skills complement yours, and who are as dedicated to helping bring your vision to life as you are! When you do, your business will thrive.

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