3 Reasons Doing Less Yields MORE

I’m just going to say it: busy-ness has become an epidemic.

How often do conversations start out like this?

Person 1: How are you?

Person 2: Busy! But good.

Person 1: How was your weekend?

Person 2: SO busy! We were just running all over the place.

Life has become a sort of competition where everyone’s vying for the title of Busiest Person Alive.

There’s the work-from-home mom who’s training for a marathon, baking cookies every week for her child’s class, and running the PTO while attending every awards ceremony and gymnastics competition . . . all that between cooking twenty-one meals every week.

And then there’s the full-time engineer who also coaches his daughter’s soccer team and buys his wife flowers every Friday. He runs the activities committee at his firm and is on the interviewing committee for the new partner. He cooks dinner every night so his wife can go to night school.

Here’s the thing: in being busy, we often miss opportunities to try new things, to do more of what we love, and just to enjoy ourselves and the lives we’re working so hard to create.

After several conversations I had recently with a few different clients, I realized that sometimes it’s best to do less. Sometimes it’s best to take things off our plates . . . slow down the pace of our lives. Sometimes when we stop to breathe—that’s when the magic happens!

So today, I wanted to highlight three reasons why doing less yields MORE.

Reason 1. You focus on that which yields results.

One of my clients recently made six figures in a quarter—I know, that’s pretty awesome, right? She is rockin’ it!

Well, a couple of weeks ago, she called me and said she was in a cash crunch and was considering taking a month off from our business coaching.

I asked her, first and foremost, to tell me what she was spending her money on. She was paying a parenting coach, a live-in nanny, and several other service providers.

Some of these things were luxuries, and some were necessities (for example, I believe that if you’re trying to build a business, a live-in nanny is a necessity, as is a house cleaner).

Next, I asked her whether the business coaching is working (and I know it is!).

She said, “Yes! Ninety percent of everything in my life has happened over the last few years because of you.”

So I said, “Then why would you cut off the business coaching—the one thing that’s moving you ahead?”

She took some of the luxuries off her plate instead, and continued to invest in coaching. And, as we both expected, the coaching yielded results. She made $5K in 24 hours after she made the decision to stop worrying and to work the plan I gave her.

Reason 2. You discover new, more efficient solutions.

AMY at her VIP DAY with me


Here’s an example: One of my clients, a member of my group program, is trying to win my car. To do this, she has to create the highest percentage of business growth among the members of my group program, this quarter. So I met with this client for a VIP Day, and we were going over her plans for really boosting her income.

She believed she had to sell a certain number of clients into a group program in order to reach her revenue goals.

Together, we took a step back and looked at what she was doing, and we realized that selling more people into group programs was not going to make her the money she needed to make to win my car.

I told her that the best way for her to make money was actually to sell fewer clients—and sell them into VIP Days or Intensives with her.

She said, “Why would somebody pay for a VIP Day with me when people already find it challenging to invest in a group program?”

Here’s the takeaway: sometimes you may not even be open to the avenue or the plan that you should be working, simply because you’ve never done it before.

Look at your objective and consider what you are trying to do. When you sell an Intensive, or a VIP Day, for several thousand dollars, it’s scary, right? What if you fail? What if you don’t know what to say? What if the client isn’t happy?

These doubts may stop some people in their tracks!

But let’s say you accepted the challenge, made the stretch.

Let’s say that you took 24 hours to make these big offers.

Well, my client did just that. She accepted the challenge and made the stretch. Because she was trying to do less—sell just a handful of people into a VIP Day or Intensive rather than selling dozens into a group program—she was able to focus on a new avenue for bringing in a cash infusion. She went right out to focus on selling her first VIP Day.

And she’s not the only one: several of my clients have sold Intensives since we started talking about doing less to get bigger, better results.

Reason 3. You make space for more abundance.

God never gives you more abundance if you can’t handle the abundance you have now. If you want more—more of anything, including time, money, travel, love—you have to unleash from emotional triggers and get un-busy.

The panicked energy of feeling overwhelmed actually causes you to miss out on a better future, on a whole new life, because your current life is so packed full there isn’t room for anything else.

So don’t be afraid to let go of certain activities, projects, and ideas that make you feel overwhelmed. Really dig deep and examine your reasons for continuing to participate in these activities and projects, as well as the results they yield for you.

If the payoff isn’t there, financially, emotionally, or spiritually, then consider letting go.

When you free up your time and energy, God has a way of filling you up with more of what you want.

In conclusion, if you find yourself falling into that trap of being SO BUSY ALL THE TIME, then consider the above 3 reasons for extricating yourself.

I think you’ll find that when you do, you’re actually able to receive more of what you truly want!

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