A Follow-Up Method That Works Like Magic So You Get More Clients

If you’re creating a business, then you’re doing so to make a difference in people’s lives, right? You know you have a special gift to share and that the wisdom you’ve gained during your lifetime can help other people. Right?

Enrolling people into your programs or any services you’re offering, then, is about serving them.

Sometimes enrollment comes easy.

You get on the phone for a Discovery Session, a Strategy Session, or an Enrollment Conversation, and your ideal client raises her hand, says, “I’m a match!” and signs a contract.

Sometimes, though, you meet someone you know you could help, someone whose life you know you could help transform . . . and he or she is not quite ready to work with you.

What do you do then?

You follow up.

Follow-up is a caring process.
While your free session is the first step in creating transformation, follow-up is the second step.

And your prospects are lucky you’re following up with them!
Why? Because they truly can benefit from the movement you’re creating.
I want that to sink in to your mind! Business is about GIVING and SERVING.

For example, some of the clients I have followed up with—people I spent more than a year following up with, actually—are now working with me, and they’re crushing it. It’s a win-win-win: I’m sharing my gift with them, they’re sharing their gifts with others, and we’re each growing a business, successfully.

How did I choose which prospects to follow up with?

The prospects I chose to follow up with stood out to me.

I cared about them . . . and the more I learned about them, the more I cared about them.

I’m going to share with you a special follow-up method that works like magic to convert prospects into clients.

But first, I’d like to share with you a mindset shift that takes the pressure off you.

Business is a human-to-human game: you’re helping another human being. So if you think of follow-up in that way—as an opportunity to help someone—then you take the pressure off of your conversion, or follow-up process.

So—here’s my “magic” follow-up tool . . . and I have a feeling you’re going to be surprised at how simple and even old-fashioned it seems. But the truth is, it works! I’ve used it myself to grow my own list, to build my client base, and to make my movement.


I put people on a wall.

I write down their names and their stories, and I tape them to my wall.
Seriously. Just like you’d lay out a magazine.

I put little notes beside each of their names, and I follow up with them one by one.

Here’s the thing: I’m a visual person. So if I see something (or someone!) then I’m much more likely to remember.

If I put something on a document in my computer, I’ll likely just forget about it because it’s not constantly in front of me.

But using this system—putting names and stories on a wall—I am reminded of those special people who stood out to me, whose lives I believe I can transform with my movement.

And I follow up with them, to make sure I give myself every chance to do so.

And like I said, it works!

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Hi! I’m Shanda Sumpter, owner of HeartCore Business, investor to entrepreneurs on The Pitch, and named as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in 2017, 2018, and 2019. I’ve helped business owners all over the nation grow and scale their businesses while enjoying their lives more. I believe in giving generously and being honest—all in the name of leaving a legacy.

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