3 Ways to Stay Driven When You’re Failing

Maybe this sounds familiar… Have you ever felt completely defeated, like your hard work isn’t paying off and you’re not hitting your goals?

Of course! We all have.

How then, as an entrepreneur, do you stay focused and move forward?

There are three steps to shifting back into winning, and we’ll share them here:

Step 1. Regroup.

If you find yourself in a downward spiral, where you feel like nothing’s working, stop. Acknowledge your feelings of frustration, and then regroup.

Reset your focus on winning—on your goal.

Chances are you have all the information you need to be wildly successful … but when we feel like we’re messing up, we tend to look at what we don’t have—what we’re missing.

So part of regrouping is to get back into the present moment and look at what you do what resources can you use now to keep moving forward toward that big dream?

Let’s say an entrepreneur sends out a bunch of emails, hoping to enroll people in her program. She gets zero response. She pours tons of time and thought and energy into writing these emails, queuing them up in her email software, sending them out … and nothing. Crickets!

She could get frustrated, right?

Or, she could stop and regroup, reset her focus.

One of the best ways to get results in business is to connect with your prospects. So in this particular situation, the entrepreneur may start a new, vulnerable email campaign to connect with her community on a deeper level.

Step 2. Stay the Course.

As you pursue any big dream, goal, or vision, there will be moments of excitement and triumph. There will also be moments of frustration and despair.

There will be times when you feel like, “It’s just not happening. I’ve been at this forever, and it’s not working.”

It’s all about attitude: you’ve got to have the attitude to follow through, even when things aren’t working—especially when things aren’t working. You must go through those tough times in order to reach your goals.

Step 3. Adjust your attitude.

The hard times build your character. Develop your problem-solving mentality.

As you take steps on your journey, you’ll encounter new challenges: things you have to learn, things you have to do, things that push you beyond your comfort zone.

Instead of putting on the brakes and thinking, “I can’t do this!” successful people think, “How can I do this?”

They solve the problem, and they keep moving forward.

Bottom line: get your mind right.

Part of adjusting and maintaining a problem-solving attitude and mindset is to guard your mind. Filter what you put into it, in terms of people you spend time with (and what they say and how they talk to you), what you read, and what you listen to.

It’s easy to slip into frustration when you feel like you’re failing. But with the right tools—staying present and focusing on what you have, staying the course, and having the right attitude—you will persevere.

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