Are You Letting Your Dreams DIE?

Entrepreneurs are idea people! We think of ideas around the clock.

We’re creative. We’re thinkers. And because we’re also doers, we often end up neglecting at least some of our dreams as we pursue others.

But how do you know if one of those forgotten dreams should become a reality?

If you keep a notebook, it’s time to read back through it. It may very well serve as a fountain of forgotten dreams—dreams that you find you want to pursue.

If not, then you probably have a record in your mind of those visions you’ve had in the past.

Pull out your journal and start reading it (or, peruse your mental file of forgotten dreams).

Is there a dream in it that gives you an emotional hit … that makes you feel something?

If so, then it’s time for that dream to come out of your journal.

Put it on a wall-sized Post-It note. Look at it daily and pay attention to whether it’s calling you.

If, after a week or so, it’s still calling you, still giving you that emotional hit, then bring that dream to life!

The first thing to do is take an inventory of where your life is now. Spend 20 minutes writing about what’s happening in your life now.

Then, shift your mindset into visioning mode. Spend 10 minutes writing about what you’d like your life to look like 10 weeks from now.

Consider what it will take to make your dream reality.

Step by step, write down how you’ll revive your dream and breathe life into it.

Finally, create agreements with the people in your family about what it will take for you to take the dream from idea to reality.

So many people limit what’s possible in their lives because of their preconceived ideas about what makes us a good human being in this world, in terms of parenting, marriage, friendships, and employment.

For example, if you’re a working mom, you may believe you don’t have time to work on a dream.

You may believe your kids’ lives take precedence, and your husband’s too.

But you CAN make time for your dream, too. It’s important, too.

Here’s how Shanda Sumpter, Queen Visionary at HeartCore Business manages her roles as mother, wife, and dream-achiever: she gets up early every morning—before her son. She works on her dream for a couple of hours each morning. She asks her husband, Ash, to handle parenting duties for a couple of hours, and then she takes over, takes her son to school, and works while he’s there. She stops working when it’s time to pick him up, and then she’s on mom duty for the rest of the afternoon. She and Ash have an agreement not to talk business after 5 p.m.—that’s family time. And, she gives Ash time to pursue his own entrepreneurial dreams, as well.

It’s all about making agreements so everyone gets what they need—and so that you can pursue your dreams!

The bottom line: making dreams reality is about being proactive. It’s about making plans and agreements that allow you to dream, to achieve, and to be present in life, all the time.

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