3 Ways You can get and Extraordinary Life!


3 Ways You can get and Extraordinary Life That Affects Female Entrepreneurs!


I'm a happy girl today!  Why, you ask? Well, because I just realized that every time I make a difficult decision to go for it, life feels better. Things start to look significantly more like the dream in my head!

Here's why I'm sharing this with you.  

Have you ever felt like life is going to get easier if you don't make a difficult decision or if you wait for perfect timing?  

As a female entrepreneur the problem with that thought is that it hasn't worked in the past and it won't work now, and here's WHY – That's not the formula for a happier life.  That's just the kind of thinking that will keep you blocked and very frustrated!

Often, the BEST place to see this is in your past or present LOVE RELATIONSHIPS.  You find yourself wanting to leave, but you don't know how or even if you are quite ready to make a move yet.

Here's where this kind of thinking AFFECTS your business.  

The way you make decisions in one area of your life is how you do it in EVERY area of your life.  Otherwise, you always have opportunity to uplevel your life, but it starts with one decision at a time.  It's your choice if you want to be successful or not.

Do you want an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE?  

Do you think that your kids (or future babies) deserve an extraordinary life?  Well, then today is a chance to dust off your shoulders and be a good example, and I am going to help you do that!

Here are the reasons WHY you want to have an online business to help you get what you want.


Take your life experience and allow me to help you mold it into a BUSINESS that gives you freedom of choice.  

Do what you want

  • Take a vacation
  • Buy a new car
  • Create a savings slush fund account
  • Treat yourself to the finest things life has available to you
  • AND show your family that it doesn't have to be difficult!

How do you get there from here?

1.)  Ask yourself what you want.


2.)  What is standing in the way of that?  You'll know the answer     to this question because you feel tension around this area.  Is it a relationship, a career, or sometimes you blame it on being a mom!  

Whatever it is, it's time for the blame and shame to STOP so that you can have the space to create something NEW.

I was listening to Wayne Dyer this morning, and he was saying how crazy it is how we FIGHT for the RIGHT to claim our pain!  He also said that your peace and freedom lies in letting go.

The COST to you if you hold onto "LACKING THOUGHTS" is less than your cost to achieve everything you want! 


3.)  Start focusing on how to reach your goal.  Do not allow your thoughts to rest on the challenges in front of you.  You will always have problems standing in the way of you reaching your dreams. You HAVE to walk the road that leads to your next destination.


The difference for you today is that you can STOP blaming YOURSELF or OTHER PEOPLE for the challenges.  The road blocks were already there before you or anyone else got here.  

It's TIME to TRAIN your BRAIN to move forward, and you can start with joining us in the Inner Circle where we are helping women like you to create a new future!

Much Love & Courage to Follow your Dreams!

Shanda Sumpter

P.S.   If it feels like a stretch for you, then PERFECT. You are on the right track!   Let me help you now so that you don't have to struggle without a good plan.  

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