What Facebook and the Real Estate Have in Common!


What Facebook and the Real Estate Have in Common!

So here’s the deal, if you aren’t using Facebook, you are definitely leaving money and relationships unattended.  Did you know that it’s the easiest and cheapest way to gain access to your ideal client?

So the question becomes, are you ready to help more people or do you need some more help creating your niche?  

Assuming that you are ready to increase your influx of clients, keep reading.  Now know that I don’t think Facebook is a completely safe bet!  I’m sure that you didn’t see that one coming since I speak so highly about online marketing.  

Here’s the truth: before the REAL ESTATE market crashed, some savvy investors started to tell me that the market looked unsteady to them.  Based on my inexperience and history, I believed the media before the experience of TOP business people.

The results were devastating.  Not only did my portfolio get crushed, but so did many other homeowners’ lives change overnight.  

Whenever you have a FRENZY, you have a recipe for implosion. Some people might snipe at my suggestion here, but be SMART!  Build relationships with helpful professionals who have great relationships with their clients and friends.  These people will still be standing when the market shifts!

As Fast Company suggested in this month’s magazine, this social media market is relatively untested.  This should signal you to be sure that your company is diversified in both your client data base and in your marketing strategies.

Although people are making boatloads of money through adding friends on Facebook and creating lasting partnerships, no one really knows where it’s going because it’s NEW!

Don’t believe the HYPE!  

Remember when my investors told me to be cautious with the REAL ESTATE market, my mindset was that they were crazy!  My own naive thoughts at the time were, “Have you looked at our buying frenzy happening out there? Homes are skyrocketing and EVERYBODY'S doing it!”

That’s my warning flag around FB.  I do love Facebook. I use it daily!  And it’s a HUGE resource for our business; however, it’s relatively new and there WILL BE competition and trends that will change the face of this social media giant at some point.  The market has a way of taking a SHARP left turn when we least expect it.

Check out the cover of Fast Company! The title is“Social Media is Sexy!”  I love that because it reminds me of howpassion can lead us into all kinds of trouble if we aren’t careful.

Here’s what I suggest:

#1 Get on Facebook and connect with people who you respect and admire.

#2 Don’t be SALESY.. That doesn’t mean that you can’t market, but learn how to share information that FEELS good to people.  In other words, come from the mindset of helping, not selling.

#3 Hire someone to help you add with Facebook who has a FB page with 35,000 fans or more.  Anything less than that and they are still learning or are just beginning.  We just hired someone here to assist us in client attraction.  

If you don’t do this step properly, only 6% of your friends on FB will ever see your posts these days!  Did you know that?

#4 ENGAGE with people on your page.  People know when you are a giver or a taker.  Your clients are spying on you and making their decision if you are a trusted source in your marketplace.  Don’t hide!

We specialize in engagement at HeartCore Women, and we are proud to say that we do a great job here because we care!

#5 Add a photo to your profile, not a LOGO.  On social media, people want to connect with the owner of a company, not their brand.  The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has his mug shot on his profile, not the FB logo!

Learn from one of the best marketers out there!

#6 Use your timeline to show who you are and what you stand for. A picture says a thousand words, so make sure you are giving the right message for your brand!  

… And BEST of all, HAVE FUN and be consistent.  You can download a free Facebook App onto your PDA phone to make posting on the fly easy.

Never forget that the more you connect, the higher your chance of success on Facebook.  It’s about being real and clear on what you stand for, then sharing it, along with pieces of your life.  

WARNING: Don’t share how you are mad at your mom or boyfriend on Facebook…

Remember that the Internet is like INK: It’s hard to remove.  The Internet isn’t a place to vent. Be positive and make a positive difference!  


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