4 Things All Multi-Millionaires Do

Ever wonder how multi-millionaires in business become so wealthy?

At HeartCore Business, we have the constant privilege of working with many ultra-successful people. And our Queen Visionary Shanda Sumpter herself built this multi-seven-figure business from scratch.

While their businesses may be very different, there a few things they almost ALL have in common.

Do you want to build your business up to top 1 percent? Here’s what you need to do.

#1: Stop Complaining

Successful people NEVER complain about their business.

Full stop.

It’s all about managing your mind. It’s about putting your blinders on and focusing on what you want—and only what you want.

It’s easy to get derailed by negative thoughts when you notice something is going wrong. But it’s critical to stay on track, to continue to focus on what you want. Dive in and get obsessed about what you’re doing.

Successful people have this focus all the time. They know how to manage their minds.


#2: Avoid “Shiny Funnel Syndrome”

Some entrepreneurs make what appears to be a sudden splash onto the scene—for example, they land a spot on a big talk show—and that instant celebrity gives them Shiny Funnel Syndrome. They spot what they believe is a need in the market (a need different from the one they typically fill), and they start selling that, too.

True success is not about meeting every need. It’s not even really about making a bunch of money. It’s about sticking around.

It’s about going deep, becoming masterful at your process, and constantly striving to offer your customers a deeper, better experience.  It’s about using your unique gifts and abilities to make an impact and create a movement.


#3: Approach Marketing as a Long Game

Marketing is not an event. You’re not going to get that “instant fix” from marketing.

Yes, you may have a successful launch or a great event, but after that spike in results (whether that’s email signups or sales), things will level out again.

On the other hand, you may spend $5,000 on a marketing campaign, only to earn $2,000 in sales—and you may cringe at those numbers, initially. But, if you take a step back and look at the big picture, that same $5,000 campaign could potentially have a long tail; that is, it may generate results for months or even years to come.

Marketing is a long-term game, and you should take a long-tail approach.


#4: Treat Your Email List Like Gold

When you focus on your email list, you can bankroll your life. The most successful people have email lists, which means they have audiences captured.

Building a big, solid email list is the first thing you should do. And again, go deep before you go wide! Build that solid email audience before you supplement by setting up Instagram and SnapChat accounts, or a YouTube channel. It’s great to be able to access people on different platforms, but the email list comes first.

Most importantly: You need to be committed and in this for life. The top entrepreneurs in the world are focused, they’re in it for the long-term, and they’re always looking for ways to better make their biggest impact.

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