Turn Your Passion Into Cash

When you’re starting a coaching business, the first step is to understand your gifts. Your business should center on your unique talent and experience.

Learn more about deciding on the heart of your coaching business here.

Once you know what your brand is—the unique expertise and wisdom you’ve derived from your life experiences—what do you do next?

If you want to make money with your movement, then you’ve got to have a way for people to give you money, right?

That means you’ve got to turn your movement into sales.

But wait—before you head out to start making that offer (as so many entrepreneurs do, before they’re really ready), Team HeartCore is here to give you four steps to ensure your offer comes from a place of serving your highest purpose.


Step One: Get Clear on the ONE Thing You Stand For

First of all, it’s critical that you get absolutely clear on the one thing you stand for.

For example, don’t muddy up your message with health, and love, and financial freedom. That’s too much—and it will confuse potential buyers in your marketplace, making it difficult for them to say, “Yes.”

Be patient as you dig down to that clarity, and recognize that traction takes time! Without traction, there is no movement.


Step Two: Get Clear About Who You Are, and Who You Stand For

Once you’re clear about what you stand for, get clear about who you are, and who you stand for. When you’re uniquely you, and you’re clear about who you want to share your gifts with, you attract those people naturally – effortlessly!


Step Three: Commit

There are, and always will be, an infinite number of ways to take a stand. Choose one and commit to it. This will lay the foundation for building your great movement.


Step Four: Create Your Offer

This is where the action happens. You need to know how to build an audience, how to craft your messaging so it resonates with the people with whom you want to share your gifts, how to target your email list so you have an abundance of people willing to work with you, and how to make that offer.   

Once you’ve completed these four steps, you’re well on your way to making money with your movement.

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