Bad Habits that Are Good For Women

Bad Habits that Are Good For Women 

When you look at women in business, some have GREAT qualities, and then there are some not-so-wonderful habits that tend to take women down.

We’re going to focus on the bad habits and how to convert them into GOOD habits for us women!

Yes, there are BAD HABITS that can show us how to create good for us to THRIVE from.  Some people might say that we work too much, don’t take care of ourselves enough, and possibly could use more sleep!

We already know all that!  What if we start to focus on what we do REALLY well?  I’ll tell you what will happen. You will sleep more, feel better, and find more time to enjoy your life because you won’t feel as BOGGED down.
#1 Don’t Gossip

At all costs, refrain from gossiping about other women, or MEN for that matter.  My spiritual leaders often tell me that if someone wanted their business or personal matters talked about, then they would tell them themselves.
This takes practice to not speak about what other people are doing.  It’s HARD because we are so conditioned to gossip by sharing our OPINIONS,  when the truth is that it’s none of our business. 
Just remember—what you are DOING is happening back to you!  It’s like a boomerang.  Stop seeding bad energy for your income.  Be positive and focus on your own personal growth, not the demise of other people’s characters!
#2 Eat Healthy

You have to decide what that looks like for you. However, every nutrition book that has come across my hands has always said SUGAR is like cocaine for your body, and it will kill your focus and your mind.
Create a structure for yourself so that you know what your weekly and daily meal plan is.  There are many options out there nowadays to help you get your BEST body and health yet.  My client Karen Kennaby does a good job in her subscription-based meal plans. (CLICK HERE for more details)  
#3 Clear the Clutter

This is a BIG one for many of you!  Clear out drawers, reorganize your closets, and get rid of loose paper around your office and house! 
Clutter is a representation of what’s happening in your mind!  If you can clear it from your physical space, you will see your mind DE-clutter, and the inspiration and direction that you need will manifest!
#4 Be NICE!

This sounds like a no-brainer – but it’s not!  When you are menstruating, busy, or running behind, you can be a grump monster!  Stop it.
Take care of your energy and your schedule so that you aren’t so crazy!  Get the help you need to be bigger in the world.  When you are NICE to the people around you, they will help more often.
No one wants to support a bitch!
That’s IT for today!  Leave me a comment in the box below if you have anymore BAD/GOOD habits that you think are valuable!
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