Single And Worried About Your Financial Future?

Women: Single And Worried


About Your Financial Future?


Have you ever wondered why you never complete what you start?  Could you use some help getting to the next level so that you can live the life you want?

This past week I’ve been all over Africa meeting with women who have a business.

And some women who run their business and can’t even read or write.  It’s a very big discrepancy, but one thing became very clear to me.  

If you want a new life, you can have it no matter what your situation is and I can prove it to you.

You might have a family member who is sick.  You may have major financial issues.  Whatever is going on with you, this message is going to show you that you have to GET OVER yourself and start moving forward!

Just like you, myself and many of my friends have been through hardship.  There was a time not too long ago when I couldn’t pay for my car, my mortgage, or food to put on the table. 

The facts are that GOD gives us ups and downs to test how bad we want something in life.  It’s not a mistake that you have challenges.  In fact, you are ALWAYS going to face uncertainty of one kind or another.  However, the WAY that you deal with insecure moments in your life determines if you get to live a better life.

Here’s what worked for me.

Putting one foot in front of the next.  Taking steps toward things that I said internally that I didn’t want to do.

You see, a BIG part in feeling down in life is connected with your attitude and ability to let go of the problem and start creating right from where you are now.

If you are broke, what can you do to increase your income enough to get the HELP you need to climb out of the hole?

It’s not about attempting to solve your problems alone or the same way you’ve been trying to over the past how-many years.

It’s about INNOVATION and the courage to step into decisions and new plans that you’ve never done before.  Watch your thoughts because the minute you get ahead, you’ll often try and give your advantage away.

Get help from someone who is already where you want to go, and DON’T look back! Keep your eyes on the ball, and don’t allow your thoughts to sink you.

In the Inner Circle and our VIP programs we work hard on transforming a new path to success—to build lives that are filled with joy and freedom and to create the time you need to live your life the way that you want to.

You have to GO INSIDE and see who resonates with you and get the help you need.  At HeartCore Women we have a saying that GIVING has the power to change your life.

Start by giving yourself the gift of education and freedom.

  • Be happy.
  • Start where you are at.
  • Get help.
  • Create a new plan.
  • Give yourself some certainty for your future.


I invite you to turn the corner in your life today

and get the help you need. 

As you know, I’ve been spending time this week with the women in Africa, seeing what they have to overcome.  

They walk for miles to trade food for just enough money to send their daughters to school.

Most of all many of them have dreams of making $50 a week, and that would make them feel RICH!  Here’s the best part— they give every cent they have to educate themselves and get the mentorship they need to change the scope of their lives.

You can do that, too, and it works!  These women PROVE that with a BIG heart and a lot of hard work, anything is possible.

IMAGINE having to guess whether every glass of water you drink is contaminated with hepatitis or if you or a family member is going to die of malaria from a mosquito bite. 

It’s horrible . . . but they don’t see it that way.  It’s just a part of life for them, and they focus on creating more freedom to do the things they want.

When we asked these women what they would do if they had the money, their answers were not much different than ours.

  • Buy a car.
  • Get their hair done.
  • Buy some new clothes.
  • And take a vacation of their dreams with a girlfriend!

You’ve got the cards stacked in your favor once you decide not to give IN TO your challenges—to stand up and make a change RIGHT now.

I know it’s HARD . . .  it is for all of us, but you can do it!I know you can, and I have the FAITH that God put a burning fire in your heart to be discovered and cultivated while you are still alive.

Don’t die with your purpose buried deep inside you.The fact is that we only have a limited amount of time on this planet, and you’ve got to take ACTION now if you are going to getting a running start to making your life better.

Get the HELP you need and come join us in finding a better way to make more money and live the life you want!  Don’t wait for things to get better.  YOU MAKE things better now!

Remember that your wealth, free time, and happiness is created when you take a stand for YOU . . . no one is going to love your life up better than you, so start acting like YOU are IMPORTANT to YOU!

Do what it takes, just like your sisters in Africa.  Travel the long road with bare feet if you have to, BUT DO IT!  

The truth is, what if you don’t do it?  Are you willing to let your dream go because you are scared?Trade your fear today of not having enough to HAVING more than enough later in life when you retire.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are going to do next.


Much Love,

Shanda Sumpter

Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women

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