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So you’re wanting to move forward with your business but you’re stuck on your next steps? Maybe, you’ve found yourself in a rut and can’t find a way to move forward? To be honest, this is one of the most frequent problems that I see while coaching. For you guys, it’s often a struggle to make decisions because you’re not sure what to focus on next to get the best results for where you want to go. 

You’re likely reading this, because you’re at a point in your business where you’re stuck and need to progress. The worst thing you can do right now is feel there is no way forward. Don’t give up!

Because there is always a way forward.

Chances are you need outside advice, just like the advice you’re reading here. In this post, I break down how you move forward from a point of being stuck. I’ll be using Amy, one of my coaching students as an example. She spoke up when she was stuck in her business and sought my input with entrepreneurial coaching. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to seek advice from someone experienced in the area you’re having difficulty in.

Coaching Will Speed Up Your Results

Coaches can help move you forward – often faster than you can move forwards alone.  How? They will give you personalised feedback for your “stuck points” in the context of your business.  This personalised feedback is the advantage of coaching over reading books and articles.  For example, Amy is stuck on moving from a one-to-one coaching model to a one-to-many coaching model. She’s having the same issue I see in so many of my clients… time management. This time conversation is so common among entrepreneurs when they have to balance a job with their hunger to grow a business or the needs of their family. This is when you need to cash inject.

(A common sticking point is the need to take care of children. The solution can be simple. I freed up time by getting a house manager. Some will say they can’t afford a house manager. This is where your cash inject will help.)

Your Relationship With Money

You may not have the funds immediately on hand to cash inject into your business, but you should never sacrifice your belief of what you need due to a lack of money. If you feel you need something in order to grow, you need to make a plan to get the funding to make that happen. 

For example, Amy’s solution to transition her coaching model is a cash injection of 30k. This will give her the space to stop doing these one-on-ones or at least cut them in half. Making a way to create that revenue will be her priority focus. This need led to me doing revenue coaching with her to develop coaching packages to get the 30k. In my coaching, I gave her some pricing options based on what she is currently charging so they make sense to her. While she currently didn’t have the funds, we made a way to get her the funds that will take her to the next level in her business. If you need to free up your time to grow your business, find a way to get the funds – your cash injection – in order to get to your next level. 

Your Level of Leadership

At Heartcore Business Coaching, we have 3 Levels of Leadership. Your goal is to keep moving forwards to Level 3. Moving up levels has a lot to do with your feelings of your own leadership in your business area, your courage with what you’re wanting to achieve and your confidence in applying your ideas. See if you can work out where you fit in within these levels.

Level 0. I’ve An Idea But I’m Not Sure Where To Start

This is the point right before you start your entrepreneurial journey. You know in your heart what you want to achieve but you’re not sure what the first steps forward should be. This is the ideal time to invest in business coaching. Business coaching at this level will help you map out the steps you need to take to get to Level 3.

Level 1. I Can Only Deal With Quick Wins Right Now

This is where you do small quick wins, such as a webinar, but feel really out of your depth or constrained by time. It feels like an effort and you don’t feel confident or positive about what you’ve done. 

Having a business coach at this level will allow you to talk through your feelings of doubt and your lack of confidence, and will help map out appropriate activities to help step you forward to Level 2.

Level 2. I’m Invested and Want To Move Forwards But Feel Time Poor

You want to move past doing offers which are only small quick wins, realising that you may need to change your business model to allow you to have more time and that you’ll need that cash inject to allow you to make that move. This is the level Amy is at. She’s currently struggling with the idea that giving up her one-on-one sessions will result in a lack of income coming in for about 3 months, income that she would need to cover her over as she markets and moves to a one-to-many therapy model. So this is her priority focus – this need for a cash inject to help her move from her current model to her new model. Coaching will also help her move through the anxieties related to letting her current clients know that she needs to pivot in her business, and won’t be available to them as she is now. She has to do what helps her business move forward. She can invite her clients to work with her in her new capacity. If they feel it is right for them, they can apply to work with her in this new model.

Having a business coach at this level will allow you to map out various options for getting your cash injected, it’ll help consolidate your ideas and help you practice your actions.

Level 3. There Is Always a Way To Get Things Done

You’re now more confident and know that you now can shift your business model to always get things done – whether that’s allowing you to cash inject where you need to, or giving yourself more personal time. Having a business coach at this level will allow you to have a sounding board, a way to move forwards further, faster.

Heartcore Business Coaching Calendars

As a heads-up, we have calendars coming out that will help you determine how to schedule your activities based on the level of leadership you’re at. 

Be Brutally Honest With Yourself

With Amy, there is also a deeply integrated fear that her past success is a fluke and she will not be able to reproduce it if she leaves behind her one-on one-sessions. 

This is tied to imposter syndrome. It is important that as you begin to move through the levels, that you identify the emotions you will struggle with. Coaching will help you realise why your emotions exist and how to move through and past them.

Be Laser-Focused On Where You Are Headed

People are often not aware of what they’re focusing on or doing with their time. In business, it’s important to make sure you’re spending time on the things that will fulfill what is needed at the moment. Amy’s top priority right now is reaching her focus goal so she can make this transition. 

As an aside, some people don’t realize how much time they spend on Netflix or browsing social media. Our Coaching Calendar will help you stay focused on the right tasks. If you want to know where your time is going, time track your day. It can be very enlightening. It’s important to be focused about where you’re headed so you don’t slow down or get sidetracked. 

Always Look To Move Forward – Always Be Hungry For More

When you move forward in your business, you can get comfortable. Sometimes, too comfortable. From my experience with coaching clients, as soon as they feel comfortable, they stop feeling hungry, that need or desire to keep moving forwards in business. 

When you tie this to the money you make, the worst thing you can do is put the money in a savings account. As you reach higher levels, you have to take the money you make and put it to work. This will prepare you for unforeseen events such as a car accident, or getting sick. It also sets you up if you want to retire. Putting your money to work in good investments puts you in a position to win. 

Learn More About How Entrepreneurial Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals

I hope seeing the thought behind the way I helped Amy devise a plan for her business helped you.  If you are interested in learning more about how entrepreneurial coaching can help you reach your business goals, I’d like to invite you to our Facebook group. The link is below. 

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This blog is built from a One-On-One Coaching (we call it Hot seating) session with Shanda and our HCL program member Amy van Slambrook. We invite you to watch the session right here: Shanda and Amy Hotseat


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