Shanda Teachings: The Endurance Race Of Life

Have you ever felt that you’re working too hard without seeing the results you want? Do you have friends and family try to dissuade you because they don’t understand why you’re working so hard toward your goal? These can be tough challenges, especially if you don’t have effective ways of handling them. I want to help you by sharing how I deal with endurance and distraction when pursuing my life goals.

Run “Your Race”

We’re all running individual races to our life goals. Your friends and family have a race.  You have a race.  Your race is guided by the promise in your heart. Only you know this promise – your whywhy you want to accomplish what you want to achieve in life.  Not everyone will understand your desire and your reason why you are willing to put in the effort to accomplish your goals.

Ask For What You Want. Tune Others Out.

Since people don’t understand your race, they’ll often want to “protect” you. They may try to slow you down or tell you not to go after your goal. They may offer advice with the best of intentions. This can create self-doubt in your head. This is the time to tune everybody out and remain focused. You need to focus and ask yourself “What can I do to help my life?”

At the end of the day, everything is about helping people with their problems. You know the value you want to create in the world and the reason why you are running your race.  This gives you the motivation to do the work. This is how you stay committed to your race.

Struggle With or Without

Some people will say your goal is not worth the effort. Since they don’t understand your race they won’t understand why you are willing to struggle for your goal. Life will always have struggles so abandoning your goal does not free you from them. The question is “When you struggle, do you struggle while trying to reach your goal or struggle, never to reach your goal?” When you commit to “struggle with your goal”, you commit to reaching your goal irrelevant of the struggles that come your way.

Coaching gets you to where you want to go even faster

Even when we commit, we may wonder if we’re running the right path that gets us to our goals. It’s hard to know how to get to where we’ve never been before.

People often ask “Why should I get coaching?” or “Will coaching help me?”  Coaching is important because a coach has the knowledge and experience in the areas we need guidance in.  Entrepreneurial coaching will help entrepreneurs run a successful business. Life coaching will help people deal with life issues more effectively. Coaches have insights we don’t have.  They may take us down uncomfortable paths we wouldn’t take intuitively but lead us right to our goals. Coaches help us get to where we want to go and get there faster.

It’s Important Not To Get Comfortable

As I write this I’m going into an 18 day stretch of work including the 7-Day Revenue Challenge, 2 back-to-back events, a 3 day virtual event, and multiple VIP days.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard. I share this with you because I realized this morning that I’ve always known that work is a privilege. I’m from Canada but I live in America now. I remember wanting a Visa to allow me to work in America and make my own money; and even though I’m comfortable now, that’s one of the worst places to be…wanting and waiting… because while you’re waiting to accomplish your why, you don’t show up as big as you can to help other people.

Motivation For Work

I wrote about knowing your why for doing the work earlier in this article. One of my current whys is I don’t believe that we have a lot of months in front of us that are as easy as they are right now. We have a momentum window right now where we can help entrepreneurs get on top of their business before (I believe) the economy is going to get a lot rougher.  It would be nice if you already had a buyers list and you knew what you were going to sell, and you knew how to package and price your offer. It would be an advantage to you as an entrepreneur. (The other reason is that I want to buy my mom and dad a nice house. Even though I have the money in the bank to do that, I want to be way ahead.)

Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the market. Nobody knows if there is going to be another pandemic. Nobody knows if the economy is going to sink globally. With this level of uncertainty, I listen to the worst-case scenario.  This is how I’ve gotten myself unstuck everywhere in my life. If I can handle that worst-case scenario, then I can sleep well at night.

The 7-Day Revenue Challenge and More Help

I don’t know what your why is, but this morning I thought “What a privilege it is to do this work and know my reasons why I do it.”  As I mentioned earlier, I’m getting ready for my 7-Day Revenue Challenge. There is a lot of overwhelm in the world right now and this challenge is designed to cut through that and get people a tangible result.  My goal is to help people make money before Black Friday. This Black Friday is unique as we practice our entrepreneurship during COVID. I am making other Black Friday training videos available, such as the recent one on how to make a good Black Friday offer. They will help you increase your success when selling for Black Friday. You can see our training for Black Friday and other subjects like motivation for women in our Facebook Group. You may notice that all the principals I teach are applicable beyond Black Friday. They just have to be applied in certain ways to meet specific situations. They can help you make more money during a recession and other economic times.

I hope this has encouraged you. If you want to share your thoughts and follow up as I report on how I continue to handle things, join our Facebook group.  The link is below. If you have a goal to increase your revenue, I hope you will take part in our 7-Day Revenue Challenge. The link is also below. I hope to talk to you soon!


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