Conscious Business:The Top Reasons People Buy!


Conscious Business: 
The Top Reasons People Buy! 

After receiving a slew of e-mails asking for help on the subject of money and getting people to buy your services, I decided that it was a smart thing for me to address some of your issues.

What causes people to BUY what you are selling?

When I started my company, money was tight, and the art of receiving a sale was critical. I’m sure that you can relate. 

When you work for someone else, things aren’t quite as daunting because you surrender the responsibility of having to pay the power bills to keep the lights on in the office.

Now you are on your own and dealing with the frustrations of knowing that your clients NEED YOU.  However, they often don’t see why the urgency of hiring you.

So what do you do?

#1 Go back and listen to your clients and find out what they WANT!

Remember that only 10% of the population does what they SHOULD do even if they think they need to. You see this when it comes to weight loss and the gym.  People know when they should put down their forks and get to the gym, but they don’t do it! – WHY?

Because people do what they want to and therefore get what they sow.  You don’t want to fight this trend.  Let me be even more clear.  DON’T take on changing the ENTIRE world.  Work on HELPING your current clients to get what they want!

To do that you’ll have to stop therapy and start listening.

Here’s the good news.  Sales are completely within your reach.  Money is waiting to fill your bank account, but you have to STOP thinking that you know what’s best for people because you DON’T!

Serve, don’t sell!

Here’s how you know if you are serving or selling.

If you are serving, you have a constant FLOW of income coming in.If you want more, then all you have to do is go talk to more people.  It’s really that easy.  Join BMI in your area and start meeting every week with your local chapter.

Someone SELLING: Has major UPS and DOWNS in their money trends.  You are exhausted and most likely feel the stress of not having enough money to go around.  I know this because I’ve been there!

You are tired of asking your wallet if you should buy that dress or save every dollar just to take a vacation!  It doesn’t seem right to work so HARD only to struggle with what to spend your money on!

You want a break!

So here is the solution:

#1 Listen to your clients’ DESIRES.  Ask them what they want.

#2 Know your pricing and packaging.  Once you know what your clients want, go back and create a package to serve their needs and attach a price tag to that. 

#3 Create a Guarantee.  People are skeptical, and you need to make them feel safe! What can you offer as a no-brainer excuse for them to move forward with you?  People miss this all the time because of fear. Don’t if you want to sell more!

#4 Be Confident! People need to know that you can help them and that what you are selling works. Provide that security to your customers and clients to establish clarity and trust.  

#5 Take the GUILT out of sales.  This means stop acting like you are less than amazing!  When you feel shame or guilt while selling, you put yourself in the way of helping more people.  It confuses the situation.  Be a humble servant and take care of business.

Now REMEMBER that the point of this coaching article is to help you gain more sales by showing you the reasons why people buy!

Print out this post and make sure that you practice embodying these five points until you have them down solid.  

Until next time, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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