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Introducing the 5-Day Create a Movement Challenge: Changing the World with Authentic Offers and High-Paying Clients!

If you’re ready to create a movement . . . and you want to do so by working with high-paying clients whose lives you can impact directly. . . then you’re invited to join me February 13–17, 2017, for this unique opportunity.

Discover a proven system for using your own life experiences as a foundation for a powerful, authentic offer that converts into high-paying clients . . . without feeling burnt-out or frustrated!

If you want to skip the reading and accept the challenge now, at no cost, do so here.

If you’re like so many of the entrepreneurs I speak to, you started your business because you have a passion for helping people.

You dream of guiding your clients to better lives, as you run a company that gives you freedom and flexibility to live a GREAT life!

But . . .

Youre frustrated, and your passion is beginning to fizzle.

You’re bummed out, and you feel like you hit walls no matter which direction you go.

Your business hasn’t popped, financially.

You’ve probably asked yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”

In so many cases, the answer is simple: you’re running your business backward.

You’ve focused on the wrong things, in the wrong order. Therefore, it’s taken you a long time to get where you are, and you’ve given in to that feeling of defeat.

That wrong path began as soon as you asked, How am I going to make money?

The problem?

You created your offer before you started your movement!

You started your business by focusing on your clients rather than on yourself when, in fact, your business—your movement—starts with YOU.

More specifically, it starts by asking, Which life experience has caused me to become masterful, and what movement can I create out of that, in order to share it with others who are struggling?

When you start with the first question—“How am I going to make money?”—you’re focusing on how to get.  

Its time to focus on how to give.

When you do, you’ll transform your business and your life.

If you don’t, you risk never achieving that freedom you dream of—no matter how great your blog is, how wonderful your website is, or how awesome your offerings are. If you don’t know how to create an authentic offer based on your movement, you just won’t get the results you want.

You see, there is a specific formula for taking your life experience and packaging it into an authentic offer that converts to high-paying clients. When you use this formula, you’re able to reach the people who you can help, convert them, and change their lives.

Meanwhile, your business grows, giving you the freedom and flexibility you crave. Instead of feeling burnt-out and frustrated, you feel fueled and excited!

Which brings me to the 5-Day Create a Movement Challenge: Changing the World with Authentic Offers and High-Paying Clients!

The challenge: to create a movement and an authentic offer that have the potential to make your business pop.

I’m going to show you how to pull your movement out of you, and how to create a business that absolutely rocks!

After our five days together, youll know how to make an authentic offer, reach more people, and create a massive movement.

Sign up here—it’s free. 

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Every day for five days, I’ll give you a focused lesson with a specific end goal.

The breakdown:

Day 1: Start with Your Movement, Not Your Offer

Most people look at what they’re offering, and then they try to force in the movement. As a result, it becomes inauthentic marketing. Good marketing, authentic marketing comes from within—and it manifests as generosity.

You’ve endured challenges, and you’ve learned wisdom. That wisdom belongs to you alone, and it’s marketable. It puts money in your pocket.

Here, we’ll talk about how to make yourself unique in the marketplace, which also gives you a powerful opportunity to connect with your ideal client.

Day 2: Put Your Movement into an Offer

Because most people are a little too excited and ambitious about making money, they make their offers too soon.

The Bible says you can’t serve two gods: God and money.

This is important because when you’re giving to another human being by making an offer and you’re grounded in the certainty and confidence that you’re delivering a service they really need, that offer connects.

But when you’re serving money—when you’re thinking about getting the sale, making money, converting for the sake of earning more—then you struggle to sell.

It’s all about serving a higher cause.

So whether you believe in God or the Universe or Source, it’s important that you’re coming from a place of serving your highest purpose.

Here, we’ll talk about how to structure your offer, how to know whether you’re making your offer too soon, or why you’re not making it (or making it successfully).

Day 3: Make the Offer

On Day 3, you’ll learn how to find your audience, the people for whom your work will make a difference.

I’ll explain why I never have to look for clients—ever—and how becoming self-reliant is key to building your business.

Plus, we’ll walk through several ways to find the people who need your wisdom.

(Sneak peek: I’ll let you know how you can build your email list by thousands in just 90 days, too!)

Day 4: Pricing Strategies to Land High-Paying Clients

Discover a whole new way of looking at pricing!

Just like with creating offers, entrepreneurs often make the mistake of looking at what others are doing when it comes to pricing.

Stop the madness!

Your pricing structure should start with YOU. What do you want? What are you willing to give in order to serve people?

I’ve proven that pricing doesn’t have to be based on longevity. For example, some of the coaches I’ve trained are charging $1,500–$2,000, while their counterparts—people who are way more senior than they are—charge $600–$700. And people pay it!

The point: pricing is about YOU, not about the marketplace.

Day 5: The Reorder Process

Remember earlier, when I said people often build their businesses backward?

Here, we look at a unique way to create wealth and consistent cash flow.

Entrepreneurs often get into a financial struggle and subsequent burnout because they sell something that has only one payment to it.

On Day 5, you’ll learn how to create wealth, rather than just build income.

So . . . are you ready to change the world with your authentic offers?

Join me for the live 5-Day Create a Movement Challenge!

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